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After months and months,
Congratulations to the three of you who have stuck around for the long haul and passed the Trials!

I hope you've had fun getting to know the respective characters, I know I certainly have! I'm really excited to bring together all the different personalities and dynamics into one and see how they work together.

One thing to especially remember is that the Treasure Lamp have a very strong sense of solidarity. The most difficult part of the integration will be trying to bridge the rift between the original members and the new members.

I am going to write a very brief starter, as I would like the three of you guys' characters to meet one another at the meeting place and interact before any of the original TL show up.

Here is a space for any OOC generic chat! However, for questions about the specific characters that you originally met in your trials, please shoot a PM. :3

We might have a surprise late joiner way later in the future if he ever decides to show up. Just to spice up the plot.

RP link will be here when its ready:


Hey y'all lol. The name's Ross (well, not really but that's what I go by online) and I am stoked as hell to get underway with this thing.

*blinks as a slow grin begins beaming from da face*

HI to you too Ross! :D

*cuts a glance to Tora as she channels Kat*
Do we get to steal things?

What I mean is... er.. appropriate them for the greater good?

Well hey y'all! Call me James, I've been hella excited for this, all the way since last fall when I started the trial.

Last fall? Damn I started in January lol

Talk about late to the party lol

You zoomed through your trial! I started last fall too.

Hi James!

My nickname is Bree or Breezy :D whichever suits your fancy. So freaking excited.

January eh? That must've been a quicker trial indeed.

Well, Breezy, Ross, I look forward to this RP with the both of y'all!

The feeling's mutual

Initial post is up!

I would like you guys to interact with each other freely to start off.
Since there's so few of you, there's no turn order and you can post as much as you wish. Just keep common courtesy.

RULE: if someone ninja's you and posts before you manage to, please edit your post to accommodate them if needed!

You guys seem like you're already having fun. I'm glad.

8TigerBunnyTora wrote:
You guys seem like you're already having fun. I'm glad.


I'm going to be in hiatus until Sept 4, and when I get back I'll at last bring in the TL.

You guys can go as fast/slow as you want socializing.

Also remember that there's no post order so you guys can post twice if you want to keep things moving along.
Just out of courtesy, try not to go any more than 4 times before allowing everyone to have at least 1 turn.

Roger that

Hello all! It's good to be back!

I'll be a tad slow since I'm responding to so many messages and RP's, but I'll be sure to get a post up by next Monday at the latest. My new Rp schedule is posted on my profile.

Hey guys, no need to create aliases for your characters as of yet. We can come up with that together (or the characters themselves might conspire about it lol). Just a brief introduction, as Ayura/Xyla asked, thanks. See you guys Monday.

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