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Forums > Introductions > I wish I can think of a clever title...

...but I don't have enough wit. SO THIS WILL HAVE TO DO.

I don't really come from anywhere in particular. I'm going to draw Fiachra for Pandah and I was linked here. TO THIS MAGICAL LAND OF RP CHARACTER PAGES.
I'm just abnormally happy that I don't have to run to like 10 sites to gather information about a character anymore, I CAN JUST PUT IT ALL HERE, OMG.
Sorry if it seems like I'm yelling, but I really am yelling very loudly in my mind.
I was so excited that I even drew a whole new batch of images for all my characters. Yay.
And that's it. Thanks for executing an awesome idea, I hope my loud mind yelling didn't wake anyone up...heh...

Yessss who has time to maintain seven accounts for seven different characters? I have forgotten so many usernames over the years of character sites I updated rarely that it is not even funny. The internet is littered with the debris of my forgotten character sites. BUT NO LONGER. (See I can mind yell too. <3) Also for some reason making character sites here has also stimulated me to do way more character art than I ever did for other sites. I do not know why, it's not like working on this place exactly leaves me with a surplus of free time. xD

Speaking of art, yours looks gorgeous! I want to see what you come up with for Pandah pretty please?

Anyway, welcome to the site, I hope you continue to enjoy it as it expands. :D

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Forums > Introductions > I wish I can think of a clever title...