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The house looked normal enough.

Halloween decorations everywhere, lights along the roof of the massive structure. Something about it, as it was approached, gave people an... uneasy feeling. The house was too large, those decorations seemed too real. And yet, that tantalizing candy was too much to keep the children away.

The doorbell rang. Creaks echoed through the air, and the door inched open. An eye could be seen through the slit the door made, completely black and shining against the light from the outside. “Trick or treat!” The door muffled the sound of haunting laughter and the eye seemed to... twinkle?

“How very precious... but if you would like something from me, you’ll have to make a deal... what are you willing to wager?”

Prince Merthyr Tydfil was known to be bold, brave, adventurous and righteous, anything but obedient. He made it a habit of escaping from his royal duties to sneak away into forbidden adventures, returning late night, sometimes bruised and battered after getting into scuffles and unpaid debts at the tavern.

His father Conrad had but to issue the command of abstaining from dabbling with sorcery or leaving his well protected castle without escort for the youth to take the orders in the opposite sense.

It was thus far too tempting to stay put and play nice. In the dead of night, he sneaked out of his quarters and followed the spooky decorations that lead to Kaihella's house.

Rumours had it that darkness resided there and it was precisely those rumours that brought Jimmy to knock on the door to investigate by himself.

"Hello? Anyone there?" asked Merthyr admiring the much too real and spooky decorations that already made him a little tense


"Open the door... I mean you no harm" announced louder, though he kept his sword unsheathed, he pointed it downwards so as to not appear too threatening

A second laugh sounded from inside. “Brave little warrior.. you mean to come face to face with the devil?” The door swung open and a woman stepped out. She had black horns stretching from her head and black markings across her face. A wicked smile spread across her lips to reveal a set of fangs.

“So.. what deal are you willing to make for your treats?” Kaihella leaned back against the door frame and crossed her arms. This was a kid; and someone with some royal blood, no less. Her eyes scanned him; the weapon he held made him seem confident enough, but she hadn’t made it to the throne by backing down when someone had something sharp.

She stepped towards him, grabbing the blade of the sword and holding it up in the light to inspect it. “Hm... you couldn’t possibly believe you’d be able to accomplish anything with this, do you?” Leaning forward, their faces were inches apart and she laughed again. “Of course not...”

There was laughter from outside the home. It started low with a rumble. *Hum-hum-hahaha* The laugh soon started a little closer and sounded louder in intensity. *Huh-HA-huh-haha* There was a loud roar which hit a high note and had a twang like an elephant's blast. There was also a high pitched squeal like a whale. His yell also had a frightening bass similar to a gorilla's.

After that noise, came another laugh. From the darkness came a large shape which moved as quickly as the moon's shadow. The figure ran like an ape, using his hands to help him bound forward. He sprinted along the path, causing his own breeze.

The lavabourne eventually came to a slow trot and stood upright as he approached the door. He made eye contact with the knight first and then the lady. "Come, little Devil woman... Trick... errrr Treat!" *HAH-ha-huh-hahaha* Thazzar began to sniff the air furiously. His nostrils flared like a wild animal's. He could pick up her scent. Her powers were strong indeed. She had summoned him by welcoming strangers.

His skin was hard like pumice, for he was crafted of a type of organic stone. He was born of the lava, which is where his race gets their moniker. His people are capable of traveling between dimensions and worlds. Standing at 7 feet fall, Thazzar stood at his full height and crossed his arms, waiting to be met.

Kaihella glanced up at the figure and raised an eyebrow. “I was.. uh... treat. Right.” His sudden appearance had thrown her off. “Well, like I told the knight kid. You have to offer me something in return.” After trying to regain the intimidating composure she had, Kaihella shook her head and put her hands on her hips.

“Okay, so I don’t do well at the whole intimidation thing. But I’ll be real, business has been slow recently in hell; I’m offering deals in exchange for candy. Mostly minor stuff, but still.” Snapping her fingers, her dark clothing shifted into a simpler outfit of black pants and a black shirt.

“I probably should’ve had someone else do this... back to the matter at hand! What are you willing to offer me in exchange for your treats?” A mischievous glint sparkled in her eye. “What tricks will you do for your treats?”

The horned creature bent his knees and leaned forward to rest on his knuckles. Now he was lower, a little shorter than they were. He twisted his head to eye both strangers. There was a playful glint to his eye and the way his lips pulled over his fangs into a smile.

"Candy! I must have that sweet goodness", Thazzar seemed nervous on the last word. "Err, badness. Gimme!" Thazzar realized he had to barter and he rubbed the top of his right hand regretfully. A sad, innocent and apologetic look took over his eyes. "I mean... I bring a gift. A powerful stone."

Thazzar dug into a large pocket of the pants he wore. The horned beast was shirtless, black and red chest out under the stars. He pulled out a shiny blue stone carving. It was in the shape of an owl. Blacker parts of the stone went up the owl's back. Every feather seemed to be cut into the material.

"A labradorite owl", Thazzar exclaimed. "But not just any. It has been blessed under the steamy waters of Edorr. It will be a powerful tool in your crystal arsenal." He crouched forward with the small statue resting in his palm for her to take.

Speaking of his hands, they were huge. They were two or three times longer than a 7 foot tall human's. He could probably wrap his hand around a person's body, long fingers twisting as he held out the crystal. His eyes still had their friendly gleam.

Mercedes was out with the pups of her pack. The disgraced guardian angel had been named the beta of a pack of werewolf thanks to the alpha male falling in love with her but she turned him down time and time again.

"Mercy come on! All the candy'll be gone if you just stand around!!" Kris, the oldest pup (only nine years old) whined. Hanna and Bailey (ages six and seven) both gave her puppy eyes and she pulled herself out of her thoughts and let Kris drag her off while Hanna and Bailey ran circles around her.

The pup dragged her right up the driveway to a house that set off all her warning bells and she pulled back. "Uh-uh...lets go, not this house." she says with a tone of authority. Kris looks heartbroken. Bailey started to cry as Hanna tried to talk her beta into agreeing to visit. "B-but...the scariest houses have the best candy...pleassssse!?" the pup begged.

Eventually Mercedes agreed and so she ushered the three young werewolves up the stairs and tried not to glare angry daggers at all the...demons........


She swore she could hear Lucifer's voice laughing in the back of her mind. She put off a defensive aura as she mentally warned Mason, the alpha male of the pack, of her current predicament. She silently vowed to tear to shreds anyone who threatened the pups. Her heart felt like it would explode out of her chest and her tattooed wings itched as she forced herself to betray her every instinct she had by smiling as the pups said trick or treat all at once. That took some serious effort.

The three little ones playfully tried to push eachother away from the door and all were giggling obliviously...they only cared about the candy.

Kaihella took the stone, glancing at it. “Eh, it’ll work.” She snapped her fingers, a portal opening and dumping a pile of candy into Thazzar’s hands. A wickedly sweet smile spread across her lips. “Happy Halloween, and enjoy the treats.”

She then turned her attention to the three pups standing in front of her, looking up with innocent eyes. Smiling at the chorus of voices begging for candy, she leaned down towards them. “What trick will you present me for your treat?” They looked at her in confusion and she chuckled.

“You don’t get candy for free here, little ones. You must give me something; young souls are very valuable, you know.” The figure behind them looked uncomfortable and Kaihella smiled at her. “Something... unsettling you?”

The pups looked confused and sad but Mercy looked positively red with rage. Her forced smile turned a bit eerie and she released her wings, ink oozed out of her skin forming their bones and the process didn't stop until her full wingspan stretched out. The white feathers were tainted with splotches of black and red which screamed of her disgrace and of previous deals with demons. Yes,
she had dealt with demons before. Of course only she and the host here could see them. She wanted to snarl something sarcastic about demons eating baby souls but just then she heard the low growl from behind her.

Mason was in his wolf form and the massive grey furred alpha male sat right behind her was bold just padding around on four legs in public but he didn't seem to care. Mercy was furious. "Can't you just play nice for one night despite what you are?" she said through clenched teeth to the demon. The pups looked a little afraid now but they were all much too young to understand what their host had meant and none of them had anything to offer.

It was clear Mercy was barely holding herself together but Mason would keep her under control.

Kaihella chuckled and leaned back. “Someone’s feisty. I never said they HAD to give their souls; only that I have to receive something in return.” Once she saw the wolf behind the angel, a dark laugh escaped her. “Down, boy...”

Another snap of her fingers and a monstrous dog emerged from the house behind her, blood matting it’s fur. “Who’s a good little murder beast...” Her attention returned to the group in front of her.

“For a disgraced angel, you’re not playing very nice either.” The rage in the girl’s eyes made her laugh. “You don’t have anything? Anything at all? That’s a shame. Sorry, little ones. I would give you candy, but your stingy guardians refuse to hand over anything I’d want. I just accepted a carved stone and they can’t come up with anything! Maybe next year...”

Melody cycled along the sidewalk, eyeing all the kids dressed as mummies, werewolves and vampires. "People have really gone all out this year." She mumbled ti herself, marveling at the decorations adorning the houses that whizzed past her as she went. There was one house however, one in particular that really grabbed her attention. It was the spookiest of them all and even seemed to be gathering a crowd.

She hopped down from her bike and retrieved her plastic, pumpkin shaped bucket that hung from the handle bars before making her way up the path. She glanced down at urs contents and beamed. She was doing pretty well this year. Soon she would smash last year's record of 3 dozen sweets collected in one night, that is, if this house turned out to be as promising as it looked.

As she came a little closer, she could hear the voices of the two women more clearly and realised their tones weren't exactly friendly. She dropped her bike on the lawn and shuffked over to the group of kids exchanging worried glances behind the lady with the wings. "Hey." She whispered. "Whats going on?"

The horned beast watched the entire scene from high above with crossed arms. The angel's ire did little to stir him. His wide, bright greenish-yellow eyes flickered with excitement. His jagged fangs twisted out in several directions. They weren't the kinds of jaws that would latch on like a dog. Each bite would rip flesh with a ripping tear. The power he could put behind his horns in a spear was downright brutal. The lavabourne once ripped an angry ox in half with such a strike.

But he was a playful soul. The scene in front of him looked all too testy for a holiday. Moving slightly closer to Kaihella, he mumbled, "Perhaps you should stop expecting to earn a soul." The look on his face was playful, jaw hanging open after he spoke in a grin. Although he seemed friendly, his voice crackled as raspy as a popping fire. His muscles moved and flexed with every minor movement he made.

Thazzar snapped his fingers and pointed towards the ground. Three little mice made of candy appeared in a flash. They started running in circles around the pups. Each one seemed made of some sort of gummy rawhide flavored candy. The little conjurations kicked up their appetizing scent as they ran around each other.

The large creature, who would be offended by the simple moniker 'demon', chuckled as he watched. His laugh was booming as he looked down with a bent neck. "See? It is...." Thazzar paused, as if he had to remember the word. "Nice."

Melody turned away from the pups and glanced up at the demon hovering in front of her, her stomach twisting into knots at the sight of him. Oh, she thought that's horrifying. How did I not notice him?. Come to think of it, the longer she looked around at the others the more their costumes seemed a little too real, almost as if they weren't costumes at all.

Before she started to back away, the demon clicked his fingers and candy mice skittered around her feet. Melody blinked in surprise, looking from the sugary creatires back up to the demon before tentatively grabbing one and examining it. "Uh.." she eyed it suspiciously as it wriggled in her grasp. They sure looked tasty but... "are these things alive??"

The large creature grumbled a little. he was trying to be nice and give something to each pup, but somebody came and took one of his conjurations. Thazzar turned to the she-devil. "Now it appears I must give candy to all your guests." The large creature huffed out a raspy breath and snapped his fingers again. A fourth candy mouse appeared and ran near the pups.

Thazzar watched the mouse like a hawk. He would not be happy if someone else stole it from the pups. "Little one, if you wanted one, you should have asked." He looked at Melody fighting his hardest to appear friendly. "It's not nice to take from the pups."

The candy appeared to be alive, but it was all made of candy. They weren't really alive, but would mimic life if kept. It could even be a pet. It was pretty tasty though.

"They are just conjurations", he said smiling.

When the demon said no candy the pups all looked like they'd been kicked and Mercy's eye started to twitch. "Listen here y--" she started but the massive werewolf behind her nipped at her side effective shutting her up. It seemed the alpha male was more reasonable...maybe.

He stuck his nose in the doorway and let out a pitiful whine as if begging to be seen. He knew Mercedes wouldn't let old grudges go so he stepped up and then back only to prance over to a more open area and started to shift his paws. Mercedes blinked and then looked worried. "Oh no you don't Mason, you almost busted your head last time!" she hissed but the wolf sneezed at her.

Kris, the oldest pup, smiled sweetly up at the demon. "H-hey...p-p-please? Umm...Mason can do a trick...Mercy isn't usually so grumpy either I p-promise..." he pleaded. Mercy lowered her head with a guilty look. She wasn't going to deal with this demon, not tonight...she didn't feel like explaining that she was technically still tied to a contract with Lucifer.

"You want to see something, how about their alpha probably bust his head open trying to do a backflip?" she said, glaring daggers at Mason who looked like a big puppy at the moment with his tail wagging and his tongue sticking out. He was practically grinning and it was clear he was laid back right now as he waited to see if the demon wasn't too peeved to watch.

Mercy however looked towards the other demon at his comment only to screech like a banshee and jump away from the mouse nearly falling off the porch. Her butt hit the porch and her face lit up bright red with embarrassment while the pups giggled wildly...even their alpha looked like he would laugh if he could. For all her bluster she was pretty jumpy. Bailey lunged after the mouse head first with complete joy even as the other pups tried to wrestle her for the treat...all were clearly having fun except Mercy who picked herself up along with the remaining tatters of her dignity.

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