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This is the official discussion thread for the Oakwood High School RP.
Any questions or anything not In Character should be posted here.
Feel free to post a character bio here if you wish. :)

A bit about my character. Jessica Saraiva is new to the area and is starting her senior year of high school. She feels quite out of place and has never gone to school without her friends she had attended school with, some since kindergarten. Unfamiliar with the area and not knowing anybody, Jessica will have to find her way through this new experience. Will she make friends? Will she make enemies? Will she fall in love? Who is to say.

Firstly, is this school just strictly humans? And secondly- iam out of character slots but id love to join, i can make a bio and post it here the OC just wont be listed on my profile.

hey guys!! i’ll be using this character. i’m picturing her as a junior. she’s been living in the area her entire life and her family is on the wealthy side, but she isn’t close to many people. i’m open to most plots

Its fine to post Bios here and write under your account name. :) It is Human only.

There is more information here.

The Mechanics:

This RP will be a simple human-only modern high school life RP that will be written out in the General forum and adhere to the forum PG-13 rating. Like school, this RP Request threadwill be in an "Open Enrollment" mode for a period of time. Anyone can join the upcoming RP by posting an expression of interest. You can also post a student character bio in this thread as well. If writers want to write other NP or minor characters and/or faculty member, that is cool. I will likely write a few myself. Once expressions of interest and character bios are up I will start the IC RP thread in the general RP forum.

The usual RP courtesy protocols are in place in reference to forum rating, god-modding, fighting, etc. Should any romances ignite and appear to be heading toward the public forum subjective PG-13 fence, it can continue between the characters via PM.

Post length range is between two well-written sentences to as long as you want.

Hey sorry for the late response but I am here and most like;y going to use this character! And one question! Could you also be a new student? If not that is fine!!

Ryku wrote:
Hey sorry for the late response but I am here and most like;y going to use this character! And one question! Could you also be a new student? If not that is fine!!

Don't be sorry! Nobody is late! It's registration and orientation day! :)
(And I am a new student. Just moved to my dad's house from the east coast. I don't know anyone.)

Alright just making sure...

Hey, I'll be a student that has been attending this district since 7th grade. My page isn't written out so here is a bio I wrote up for another RP I dropped out of.

Name: Steve Harrison

Age: 17

School year: Senior - Year 12

Appearance: 6' 199lb Athletic with blue/gray eyes and sandy blonde hair worn in James Dean style. Usually wears blue jeans and t-shirts and cross-trainer shoes.

Goals for the year: Have the stage play he's written done live by the Drama Club.

Their dream: Become an actor.

Job: Espresso Stand Barista

Sport: Track & Field

Club: Drama Club

Student council: No

Additional info: His car is a vintage 1970 Pontiac GTO


I forgot to state Ryku's appearance!! Here is some details

Clothing:Usually dark such as black (Black Coat, Black Sweat pants, Black shoes, you get the idea)


Eyes: Emerald Green

Weight: 160lb

Height: 5:6

Likes:Berries and the color black


Age: 17

Personality's: Kind,Nice,Shy

Scars: One across the left eye

And thats about it!!

Oh and I replied to the Rp Thread Btw.

Oh, what the heck I'll join with Olivia here. Profile says 21 but I'm going to knock her down to an 18 year old senior.

This is Angelo.

And this is Emerald.

Both profiles say different ages but for this they are 16 and 17

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