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Federal investigations into an ongoing murder investigation discover that a dangerous coalition of police officers were behind the crime.

So thats it Basically.


• First and foremost. Please be respectful of my rules as well as the rules of this site!
• 1-2 paragraphs are a must!
• Be Active, I cannot stress this enough. If you do not have time to reply a couple of times a day then don't bother please.
•If you can't keep up, just let me know. I swear I don't mind.
•No God-modding.
•Help build the plot please EVERYONE! This is a public forum so anyone can join!
•Keep it PG-13. Otherwise take whatever to PM
•Please have fun!
•Each person can play two characters if they wish!

Thats it for the rules. Not too much to ask, right?! I will not start the actual roleplay until we have enough people to roleplay with. We will be needing a cops, detectives, maybe paramedics, and gang members.


bump. 😑

Are you bored...? It sounds like it...If you are trying to get any interest I am interested..! I would like to be a cop but I don't usually do 2 paragraphs unless I have alot of information but I will try to keep it up to a paragraph..!!

Sounds interesting. :)
Is this an action/romance rp, or what?
I'd like to play an investigator. :)

((Wow...Red....Your everywhere...XD))

((I do get around, don't I? XD ))

((Every Rp I am are there..scary..))

((Lmao Sorry. I'll just slip out of this one, if you want. Give you a little space. XD ))

((Na its fine...You are a good person to Rp with...!!))

((Thx. I am pretty great. *hairflip* :) ))

Just to specify, not all of the police officers are in kahoots with the murders, are they? Just a group? Bc the characters might need their help to investigate...

((Don't be too cocky..!! But you are pretty good..But obviously Ryku is the best..!))

((Of course. XD ))

((Well, Im off for sleep...It was pretty busy today and im tired even though it is only 11:30 over where I am..))

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > Twisted Fates 🌹