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The fetid whirl of strange, exotic technology became suddenly apparent as Kragoth reared his head back toward the darkened bowels of the keep. Cerulean, luminescent strobes beamed from the chamber, accompanied by the rushed panting of the Xenos -- their voices masked by the fuzz of the Tau vocal receptors. A cadre of Fire Warriors, ignorant of their surroundings, came into view; resonating rifles in hand. Behind the alien host stood the intimidating figure of an XV8 crisis battlesuit -- the heaving footfalls of the vehicle shook the catacombs, and the eerie whispers within quickly began to audibly whimper in fear. It seemed that this forlorn hall was indeed haunted by some enigma.

The pilot raised his railgun toward the Imperials, his visor beamed red as he stared the fellow intruders down. It was hard to believe that a living, thinking individual piloted this heathen abomination. "Stand aside, Gue'la. The Eldar is for us to court." Demanded the Cadre Leader, moving forward to size up the Astartes in a blatant act of dominance. "Only under our yoke can the Eldar be saved. The Ethereals know this, and the secrets that lay within this keep."

"Saved?" Hissed Kragoth, dumbfounded by the Tau's words. "Saved?! Naive creature! The Eldar serve naught but themselves. What makes the desperate any different once they deem themselves safe?"

"The narrowmindedness of your kind sickens me, Human." Retorted the Tau, a strand of smugness laced upon his words. "Stand aside before I blow you aside."

"Is that before or after your kin are flayed, Xenos?" A monstrous voice boomed from the other side of the hallway, accompanied by a retinue of cybernetic mutants; a conglameration of ceramite and Daemonic flesh. The bestial hulks charged forth -- their speed was not swift, but terrifyingly certain.

"Kill these wretches, Human or not, I care little." Ordered the Champion behind, bearing the undivided icon emblazoned atop a tattered banner clutched within his left gauntlet. "The Gospel of Screams belongs to the Iron Warriors!"

"Gospel of Screams?" Fuzzed the pilot in confusion, but any answers were postponed, as members of his cadre was blasted in the rear by unholy bolter fire. It appeared the Alien had once again underestimated the ingenuity of these fiendishly intelligent Astartes.

Upon the arrival of the primitive and young Tau species into the hallway the Eldar was taken by a slight surprise. While he was unable to sense their souls or psychic essence well due to their lack of both aspects in their species, he could still sense their minds. As the cadre of Tau forces and their battlesuit came into view. Easily deducing that he couldn't handle such a contraption, the Eldar simply stepped aside and moved out of the way of the fire warriors and their mech. He wasn't looking for a fight, and he knew that these young species could perhaps be useful.

However, upon hearing that the Tau cadre and their mech pilot wished to force his species and himself under some sort of protectorate and more than likely, to submit to their bygone Greater Good philosophy was met with a slight sigh. One that for the most part, he kept to himself. The warlock was about to step in between they petty primitive species senseless squabble, that was until he felt a psychic spike in the area around him that made him shake.

"Chaos are here!" He then let out to the group just before the Iron Warriors made their entrance known.

At this point all he could do is get in the middle of everyone to shield himself as both sides of the hallway would come under fire. His natural instincts kicked in and he readied his witchblade and aimed around with his shuriken pistol. However, an oddity was about to take place. The Eldar would save his capabilities to come to the aid of the group if need be.

"Defend yourselves!" The Eldar exclaimed.

Anastasia duck to one side regretting sending her Praetorian away. Deciding at the moment that digression was the better part of valour she tried to make herself as small as possible.
"Can we leave off the cultural exchange until after well dealt with twisted ones." Said Anastasia in broken T'au. "Then we can discuss the fact your forces are surrounded and trapped on this forsaken world."
The Inquisitor glanced at his old acolyte wishing he had learnt more xenos languages. He drew his plasma pistols and started to lay down a methodical rain of fire.
"May I suggest a fighting withdraw?" Said the Inquisitor. "I know a much more deffensable place."

Scorching plasma fire and wretched bolter rockets were let fly within the catacombs. Sombre wails echoed amidst the gutteral roar of orders, clearly not of this realm. Kragoth hauled himself to tactical cover, which lay behind the wraithbone pillars. He was no craven by any means, but an inglorious death between two foes was not an end the Rainbow Warrior sought. However, a wretched boom emerged from the crossfire, heading toward the Space Marine and his newfound companions. The biomechanic drones encased within ancient ceramite did not care for the trade of projectiles. One such raving creature flung it's arm toward the Astartes, swollen like a club of ruddy flesh.

Kragoth's chainblade clashed with the firm meat; bloody giblets flew like rancid mince as the Astartes' weapon violently revved. It was hardly enough to carve through such cursed bone, however. Nor as terrible to disuade the possessed psychopath, who simply tore his arm from the blade before bashing repeatedly like some bloodcrazed savage, hoping that one such blow may break the Rainbow Warrior's guard. However, this would not come to pass. Upon the next instinctive bash of the flesh-club, Kragoth seized his opportunity, headbutting the Daemon savage while his chainblade locked once more upon the thick sinew. Red ichor cascaded down the dazed beast's nostrils, backing away. Easy prey for the next swing of the revving claymore which latched itself deep into the Iron Warrior's jugular. Behind the rusted helmet of the Space Marine lay a scowl of both hatred and satisfaction as he colourfully tore the beast's head from it's flesh clad shoulders.

"...Traitorous scum..." Kragoth whispered, surveying the other mindless Astartes clash with both the Tau and the Imperials. While the crossfire prevented him from spotting how the Inquisition fared, he could see that the Fire Warriors were not enduring so well against the monsters. Caught between a hammer and anvil, they were easy prey for the screaming mass of bladed bone and deformed matter. Soon enough, the gory sinew of tendrils that covered the cursed ceramite soon became blue with alien blood.

"Gue'la vermin!" Cursed the Tau Captain, his railgun turning one of the possessed into little more than a pile of scorched remains. "Do not sully my tongue like that. It's because of you that we are now trapped on this planet!" With that, the War Machine turned itself upon the Astartes gunmen -- the optics of the XV8 battlesuit granted this Tau pilot all the knowledge necessary to counter his foe. Not even the Iron Warriors were invincible as their weakest chinks were blasted open by plasma; soon enough, the bolter fire subsided. But Tau rifles alone - no matter how advanced in comparisson to such backward Human weaponry - were not enough stop the Daemon tide.

"Shas'la, take cover within the catacombs!" He ordered in his native tongue. "Remain as one, I shall cover our retreat!"

Kragoth glanced toward the Inquisitor, the wreathing sound of jetfire drowning out the Tau babble as the aliens made their craven escape. With their blue-blooded prey gone, the hulking jackals turned their gnarled heads toward much larger quarry. "Withdraw, you say?" Kragoth wondered aloud. "While these beasts still draw breath that is impossible, thanks to the fleeting Xenos."

The Astartes savages screamed in an intoxicating rush for blood as they closed in; Kragoth readied himself once more for the carnage.

"A tactical withdraw would be most wise! It is a full-proof tactic of my people." The warlock said as he dashed under cover of the wraithbones, almost in an supernatural way given Eldar reflexes.

Once under cover he saw that these were wraithbones, perhaps used by his kin. He only took a slight hymn to pray to Ynead for the souls of the dead kin he had, before he tried to assist the Monkeigh. Between the Eldar and the humans, he felt it would have been best not to assist the irreligious with his powers. At least humanity knew very well the potential of Eldar. That and he already mastered their tongue. No, he needed everyone at this moment so characteristically scurrying away to save his own life while his kin's soulstones laid vulnerable was unthinkable.

"Mon-humans, I shall assist you!" The warlock let out as he channeled his psychic power while under cover and casts Destructor upon some of the Iron Warriors and their possessed in front of the Astartes's line of fire. Within moments, the witch unleashed a barrage of psychic bio-lightning towards one side of the incoming fire to help decimate some of the Chaos foes without trying to hit the marine.

However, when the Warlock saw the Tau break off and try to retreat he cursed them in Eldarnesh to be given a fate to Cegorach. While running away wasn't a bad idea, splitting up and thinking they could survive alone within the catacombs against the ancient foe was foolish. However, trying to reason with the primitives would have been useless anyways, especially under such dire circumstances. All Salvris could attribute their fate to was that they would get an ironic end worthy of the Laughing God's amusement.

"The child race flees human! We must stand our ground against these Chaos abominations if we are to survive!" Salvris called out to the Space Marine, all the while trying to fire his Shuriken pistol at any unarmored foe, all the while ducking every so often behind the bones and to avoid fire..

"polluting their tong? I polluted my mouth with barely literate pidgin. "Cursed Anastasia.
"What did they mean about you stranding them here?" Asked the Inquisitor.
"Their ship exploded as we entered orbit, I was going to offer to evacuate them; now I might just take a couple to add to my collection or to give to the Mecharium."
She drew Warpbane and crossed to the Inquisitor. Flinching as arcane fire took down one of the abomination in front of her.
The Inquisitor was unhappy things were getting away from him. The gospel might be the key to closing the great rift. He needed to claim it or the very least stop any xenos and heretics getting their foul hands on it. The Emperor hand sent him trails but he had also sent his dear Tasia. Now he had to figure out if he had sent her to aid him or give him death.
"Warlock, do you know of somewhere more defensible we could fall back to?"
Anastasia lobbed a frag grenade down the corridor to land amongst the Iron Warriors.

There were a few of the abominations headed toward Kragoth's direction. Luckily, one of the beasts had been put down by the strange magics of the Warlock. It slumped upon one jet pillar little more than a quartered carcass, still wreathing eldritch fire from it's charred wounds. It's companion - yet another of the dribbling creatures - was too preoccupied by the origin of the blast to evade the Rainbow Warrior's gore crusted chainblade. The gnarled, misshapen crown of the Iron Warrior was parted in two under a fountain of blood.

But before the Space Marine could once again curse these twisted creatures in victory, the sound of an explosion singed like fire to his ears. A frag grenade which startled the more sane ranks of the Iron Warriors, of course. As much as he despised the Inqusition, Kragoth realised that he would need to rendevous with these fellows for the sake of his life before he ended up merely a moving target for the Iron Warriors to test their advanced, heretical tools of war.

"The Xenos scum delve toward the inner chamber!" One of the deranged Astartes yelled as he fired toward the fleeing Tau. "They must not touch the Gospel! It is our offering to the Dark Prince!"

"The savage ones have been dealt with for now, but the more 'pure' Iron Warriors are the marksmen of Chaos." Kragoth warned, now present among the party of Imperial and Alien. "I don't know what this 'Gospel' is, but it sounds important. If retreat is necessary, then following the Tau would be our best measure." His words were utterly calm and coherent among the stress of battle. Such was the Astartes psyche.

"The catacombs would be a very unwise decision. We would be cut off from the surface and potentially closed in!" The warlock spoke out to the Inquisitor.

He then took some moments to think and contemplate the situation while kneeling back under cover. While running away was almost instinctual in these instances for most, if not all Eldar, it also was a grave dishonor to his kin who had fallen. None the less, the threat of Chaos accessing the Eldar inner chamber. Now was neither the time for craven or to abandon the Mon'keigh. He swallowed his pride and tried to think rationally about the humans and his situation. If they were unsuccessful he would fall anyways, just as these humans would. No, he would assist these Imperials and at least die trying to protest his people's soulstones.

"Still you are right, we mustn't let them desecrate the inner dwellings. We need to stick together. It shall be very close quarters and if we get boxed in we must fight our way through their forces. Can you provide us an opening to the inner chamber? We require some cover fire. I can potentially lead the way inside." The Eldar asked the marine while trying to recover enough psychic focus to potentially cast another Destructor spell as he tried to get back under cover and channel his mind once more.

The Inquisitor watched the Iron Warriors follow the T'au making Calculations. Anastasia watched hime.
"That battlesuit will be able cause them a little trouble but the firewarriors are dead they just don't know it yet... I could get the Requital to bombard this location."
"Ah and there I thought you'd forgotten how to think like and Inquisitor."
"I turned down the rosette remember."
"True... but as much you may doubt it Tasia I do value your life." Said the Inquistor. "We can't let them get that book; brother if you lead the way."

"These Aliens should make good fodder should we find ourselves pinned down." Kragoth replied to Salvris' advice, planting his eyes in direction of the cerulean strobes dimming from the tunnels. "At least within the catacombs, this Daemonic influence will wane."

The Space Marine kept his chainblade close by, revving the bloody claymore with impetuous fury in wait of more bestial Astartes to emerge from the crossfire. This did not come to pass; only a flurry of defiled bolter rounds emerged from the smoke, crackling upon the incomprehensibly durable pillars of wraithbone. It would be the first - and hopefully, only - occasion that Kragoth would appreciate such strange Xenos material.

"Very well, I shall take the vanguard!" Kragoth answered as he overheard the conversation of Anastasia and the Inquisitor. "Any heretic, Mortal or not, I care little. They will meet the grinding end of my blade. Cover my rear and this book you seek will be as good as yours." He did not wait for a response as he began his slow but inevitable push toward the inner bowels, following the steps of the Tau. The terrible shots of the Iron Warriors still screamed as they whistled throughout the tunnel. This was strange of the Iron Warriors, who even in their madness were masters of subtle ingenuity and exploiters of every concievable advancement on the battlefield. Perhaps the importance of this 'Gospel' was not to be under-estimated: an artifact capable of making even the Iron Warriors act so rash...

...Regardless, Kragoth could not turn back and charge the heretics head on. To face the brunt of an Iron Warrior's line of fire was suicide, even for an Astartes.

"Eldar, do you sense anything in front of us?" The Rainbow Warrior inquired as he moved forward, trudging with the startling calmness of a Bull before the charge. "With those marines out our back, the last thing we need is some creature blocking our path."

"Perhaps, but we should be trying to keep casualties to a minimum, unless we wish to get overwhelmed. Chaos influence grows by the moment however, It won't be long before the corruption spreads.

"Let me sense." the warlock said as he began to focus and closed his eyes under cover while trying to scan the catacombs for traces of psychic presence.

The warlock took a few breaths and slowly breathed in under his helm. What to him would be several moments of focus from within his own mind would elapse mere seconds as he attuned his mind into the signatures and signs within the catacombs showing any presence within the Warp, however he did so safely and this mental probing would allow him to view the situation from within the inner chambers as if it were a diagram. While he could undoubtedly sense the corruption of Chaos, and the souls and workings of his people, he was looking for more practical signals. In a sense, he was viewing to see what exactly was an obstacle that laid before them. However, as he did this he would have to be guarded from the rear and covered by the Imperials. This was a thorough mental scan of the chamber, thus he wanted to make sure he knew what the party faced ahead.

(OOC: Please describe what all would be inside the chambers.)

"I'm surprised that an Eldar would care for the lives of T'au. " Said Anastasia as she checked the charge on her laspistol.
She sent a quick text cast to her troops to keep the T'au out of the city by any means. The Inquisitor did not like this how were the T'au here; had he plotted it's location incorrectly it was entirely possible. Things had been unpredictable since the fall of Calidan. Could the planet have been moved; stranger things had happened
"Once we have acquired or destroyed the Gospel it would be best if we leave this blighted world." Said the Inquisitor
"You really want to leave it to the T'au?"
"We can divert some comets to do the Emperor's work; but I'm sure the warp will swallow this world again."
"I charge by the missile and you really expect me to let you onto the Requital?"
"If you were going to kill me you would do it face to face."

While the group pressed on within the inner catacombs, the oncoming whirl of despoiled bolter fire became less frequent. It seemed as though the Iron Warriors had decided that pursuit was impossible -- or perhaps simply unimportant. The Space Marine felt a sense of nervousness caress his spine as he surveyed the immediate surroundings of the group; this was not at all fear. Such a primal emotion was something utterly obsolete in the mind of the Astartes, no. This tense feeling of dissonance was something far more abstract; almost as though his very psyche was manipulated by some impersonal force from the outside -- Ruinous or not, it mattered little. This tomb was heretical in Kragoth's eyes regardless; it was riddled with the trinkets and talismans of ancient Xenos -- annihilation was something the Eldar rightly deserved.

That being said, there was some unease about condemning a score of trapped spirits to the maw of Slaanesh. A literal eternity of suffering awaited those who crossed the Dark Prince, that being the entire Eldar race.

The catacombs themselves were jet black in colour, with standing colonnade which rowed across the subterranean hallway glinted like finely cut onyx thanks to the fluorescent orbs which dangled above the ceiling. Faceless arachnids circled the silver strobes like moths drawn toward a flame, floating within the rays despite lacking any wingspan or aerodynamic capability. The floor was rough and shamelessly opaque, bearing no reflection and bleached like bone. The broad footprints of Astartes soles littered the tanned wraithbone like eerie tracks, only masked by the mad retreat of the Tau squadron; alien hooves lapping across the ruinous markings. Whatever awaited the Imperials and their Eldar guide, the Tau would've encountered it first.

Kragoth kept his chainblade firm and beside his face, vertically still in the shape of the ancient crucifix -- another emblem of the Emperor in a bygone era, before he truly revealed himself to Mankind. Should any beast or heretic surprise the Astartes with a lunge, they would face the ridged and bloody end of his weapon first. He was ever ready for a battle, such was the way of the Space Marine.

Yet despite this, the way forward was clear, only the ghastly babble of long dead Eldar provided the group any outside company; the Tau were nowhere in sight.

"What is this place..?" Kragoth wondered aloud, penetrating the ongoing Imperial banter. "From a dark stronghold to an ancient crypt. But, we are hardly close to the Eye of Terror, are we?" He brooded. Of course, they were an uncountable light years away from that gate to the warp. Kragoth's confusion was justified by his sudden thrust from the now ruined world of Triandr. He knew little of how far the Empire of the Eldar stretched all those millennia ago, or what ties this 'Gospel of Screams' had to this crone world.

Regardless, all that mattered to him after they had contained this artifact was that this world be given the much needed treatment of an Exterminatus, The offshoot warband of Iron Warriors squatting within the crypt were welcome to join it.

Minutes passed, and still nothing emerged to harass the party, nought but the floating, grey limbs of these ethereal arthropods, clouding the ruined lens of Kragoth's helmet.

Until finally, their trek came to a halt. Awaiting the group was an abrupt dead end, an altar at that. Sat upon this bone-like edifice was a large tome of rugged leather, it's pages uncountable from the outside. Hovering above this tainted bible was a static, sparkling jewel, shaped in the fashion of a Human heart. Ghastly matter beamed from the many cracks upon it's ruby shell, crawling from it were the same hovering spiders that danced across the silver orbs. It was here that the Eldar voices were at their clearest. Of course, to the Rainbow Warrior's uneducated ears this mattered little; the dead spoke a language that was alien to his ears. It appeared from the beginning that these two relics were far more dangerous than they seemed, beneath the jutting stakes of bone beside the altar were the punctured, unmasked heads of the Tau fire warriors; their cold bodies and armour nowhere to be found. Cerulean ichor cascaded down the pikes of marrow, flooding the tanned ridges before forming to miraculously create the symbol of a spiked wheel.

"Any of you care to theorize what has happened here?" Kragoth asked aloud once more. "Clearly, something is watching us, bear that mind before you snatch this 'gospel' you so covet..."

(OOC: Oh dear, my rping on Discord left me to forget about this one...)

(Might I be able to join? I have a character as you can see.)

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