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Hi all!

I recently finished creating a new template that is available for sale. :) Check out the sales page here! Please get in touch if you want to buy it for your own character(s). (Note: this is a license, meaning other people who pay for this template can also use it.)

The template is called "The Purring Hour", as it was designed for a witch character featuring a cat theme. It's heavy on warm hues and has a focus on wide, open fonts that are easy to read. The design is fully mobile responsive, meaning it will be totally functional and readable on small screens.

Check out the live version!


A new template!

I really wanted a template for my portfolio page that was all about looking pretty, energized but also calm. I thought this picture captured that feeling really well and turned it into this template.

It's fully mobile responsive with an alternate background for better loading times!

Check out the live version here!


Bumping, with a reminder that I recently released a free Epic Template as well:

Hi everyone! I'm still around and working on templates, and decided to share a little sneak preview of a new template in the pipelines!

(Click to see a larger version)

I'm planning on coding the final version sometime this week (the week of July 8th) or the week after that. Summer holiday is starting and I have 4 weeks off from classes, so plenty of time either way. :D This design will be mobile responsive like all my new templates, and available for purchase when it's finished!


Oooh, what's this? Looks like I've stumbled on some Seafoam!


This beauty is fully coded, mobile responsive and ready to roll right into your character profile. ;) You can check it out on my portfolio profile for a live demo!

This template is for sale for individual characters and account-wide access.

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Templates for sale!