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I’m get so frustrated.
I just became a twitch affiliate.I want make 3 emotes.I’m not artistic.I don’t have the money. People want to much for an emote.

I need tips on drawing i don’t have a drawing tablet.

Not going to lie, the reason things like that are so expensive are because it takes time, money, and skill. Theres a reason they charge, its because other people dont retain the skill to do what they do. Hence the commission part.

The only way to help would be to actually buy a tablet and practice yourself. It wont happen over night but after a long time of practice, you can start making your own if you wish to not purchase from other artists. Sending good luck your way.

Emotes are usually pixel art, so a tablet probably isn't so necessary here. Just some sort of art program. Computers usually come with some sort of basic art program pre-installed, and programs like GIMP can legally be obtained free (it can be tricky to use, though). For pixel art, you'll spend a lot of the time zoomed in, and you should probably look up some pixel art or emote creation tutorials.

You can start just sketching on paper to get an idea what you want it to look like. If you have a scanner, great, but if not, that again should not be a big issue with pixel art. Just try to make what you draw in the program match what you drew on paper.

If you find that too difficult... perhaps consider if paying someone for the time it took them to reach their skill level and the money they've spent on the gear on software to help them do it better and more easily is actually worth it after all.

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Forums > Art & Creativity > I need help