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Thanos sat on his throne as Ebony Maw nearby floated watching the darkness of space. Soon thanos gave ebony instructions to bring heroes to his palace to do battle for the infinity gauntlet that he has hidden away as he set up a arena ror this grand spectacle. In his armour he smirked awaiting the opponents.

((Anyone is welcome in this RP.))

((this is going to be fun))

Wanda was waiting for the rest of the group to get together and figure out their plan about Thanos. She was nervous as she put her coat on that her brother had given her before the Altron war. She closed her eyes and thought about him until someone interrupted her thoughts. She turned around, and there stood Thor. He startled her slightly and she gasped, taking a step back.

Amazed,multiple trials were set up as thanos sat in his throne amused and watching the lesser beings below,ebony maw nodded at those below as they watched inpreparation.

She'd walked out to the meeting area after she had her coat on and knew that Thor followed behind her. She didn't like him at all. When she entered the conference room, Nat was already in there, lost in her thought like always. She went over to her. She only liked Nat because that meant she wasn't the only girl, and being in a room full of boys without another girl in there made her uncomfortable.

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > Battle For The Infinity Gauntlet