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November 30th 1939 Early morning, Russo-Finnish border

A heavy fog sets in as snow starts to fall, a Soviet officer is at a listening post, a phone rings and he picks it up. A loud voice from the other end says "Moscow says it is time, ready your men" the officer hangs up and informs the other officers.

Only a hour later shots ring out all over the border, roars of T-50 tanks are heard echoing trough the finnish country side.

The winter war has started, and the Fin's werent prepeared.

And thats where we start whether your a Conscripted Russian on the border or a Finnish peasant in a town, there is no more peace and as the winter of Finland starts to set in and the fogs cover the lands and you know that it is going to be a brutal and bloody winter.

i'd be up for a role play of this.

Lemon has a small but beautifully crafted home on the outskirts of town. The winters are rough for most but she always learned to keep good stocks of food, supplies and weapons in her cellar. She was not prepared for the knock on her door as the clock struck midnight of November 30, 1939. As she slowly opened her door she saw two officers of the Russian army. "How may I help you." They slowly informed her that her home would be taken to house officers and the barn would be used as a front line hospital. With no other choice, she agreed and bartered a deal that she would inform the officers on land layouts, town gossip and Finish supporters, in turn, to stay fed that winter and keep a small room in her attic. Where unannounced to the officers she had secretly stashed some supplies because if her dad taught her nothing it was you must hide supplies in more then one place.

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > Cold Front (open)