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November 30th 1939 Early morning, Russo-Finnish border

A heavy fog sets in as snow starts to fall, a Soviet officer is at a listening post, a phone rings and he picks it up. A loud voice from the other end says "Moscow says it is time, ready your men" the officer hangs up and informs the other officers.

Only a hour later shots ring out all over the border, roars of T-50 tanks are heard echoing trough the finnish country side.

The winter war has started, and the Fin's werent prepeared.

And thats where we start whether your a Conscripted Russian on the border or a Finnish peasant in a town, there is no more peace and as the winter of Finland starts to set in and the fogs cover the lands and you know that it is going to be a brutal and bloody winter.

i'd be up for a role play of this.

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > Cold Front (open)