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Plot: During the 2021st cycle (the 1960's) of the city of Babylon's life, casino's were put up- Big mistake... These casinos are now the wealthiest organization in the world... Every city around it is trashy and violent... Except for one: Rosewood. You are a visitor at Babylon! As you wonder you see odd creatures called Bumboo being sold... Sentient creatures shouldn't endure this! Now you have 3 options... Rise the casino ranks and become leader/ruler of the world, go to the next city over for a fresh start and a happy life in nature, or save the Bumboo! The choice is yours!

To put it simply; It's a gambling/adventure rp with some sci-fi mixed in. It's in the 1960s but it does have some futuristic stuff too (Ex: Androids)

BEGINNERS ARE ALOUD! YOU ARE WELCOMED HERE MY CHILDREN- Well... I mean... Babylon is rough but my characters will respect you if you respect them! I recommend you read my character info first though!


1: No pre-existing characters! This is an original rp! Sorry for the inconvenience!
2: Violence and swearing is ok at this rp as long as it isn't too bad...
3: * and non-paragraphs are allowed my bois!
4: This is sci-fi! Keep that in mind! If you want to add a character from the past make them a time traveler! I strongly advice that you make a mutant, human, or android character though.
5: This is OUR rp! Make you're own cities and races if you want!
6: EVERYONE IRL IS ALLOWED. If someone is bullying you TELL. ME. OR. SOMEONE. YOU. TRUST.
7: Jokes are allowed!
8: Mature themes are allowed!
9: Don't be a Mary Sue/Gary Stue/ Gender neutral term for it... Just don't...
10: No God mode unless it makes sense for the plot! (Ex: Your character can go God mode for lets say a minute, but to be fair you go into your weakest form right after for a minute!) You know what I mean!
11: Don't ask people questions that are too personal! If they want to, they can tell you that stuff! But this can be a both in and out of character chat!

Author's note: I have school, so I may not always be on... Also I keep my notifs off! So if I forget this don't blame me! Someone else can always take my place! Also you DON'T need to PM me to join!(unless you have a question) You just start right here, right now!

Picture of the Bumboo
It totally isn't just some random plushie... Noooo...

Picture of Babylon

((I can just jump into roleplay, correct?))

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