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I need to build up elunaria and she going to be very complex and her story will be huge. But I kinda want to build her up in Rp. If this thread is successful I will post what has happened to her so far. Realize that she gets reincarnated so Sh3 has diffrent life times. But she has perfect memory and her power is increased with every reincarnation. But it comes with draw backs. She a oracle/priestess like person and her magic will change and grow with every reincarnation/meeting a new god or goddess. Tell me what you think.

Sounds like an epic project! Look forward to watching the progression!

I write in character history as I rp. It adds depth to characters!

I got some very dark part story for one of her forms it a start. I love it you joined

I'll help if you still need it

I’m thinking of closing this one and starting on Rhian.

Good to know. I'll help with that one

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Forums > RP Discussion > Elunaria story