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Hello everyone,

I haven't really said anything about it on here yet, but I have had a lot of medical problems for the past few months which consisted of one ambulance ride + spending the night in the hospital, 3 MRI's, not being able to use my left side of my body properly and being in a lot of pain all the time. While Canada is famous for having free health care, unfortunately not everything is free. Not to mention I had to miss a lot of work due to just being in agony. Unfortunately we still do not know what the cause of this is-- I have a nerve testing appointment on February 7th.

So I am opening up a limited set of commission slots in hopes of trying to pay off a little bit of my bills. I am holding a 6$ special to try and get more practice with colorize in clip studio.

I have the right to refuse any request
18+ art Okay
I have the right to refuse 18+ art that I do not feel comfortable drawing
I do not draw: underage, loli, certain fetish art, Adult art for minors
Payment upfront

Prices are in USD, I accept payment through paypal or Ko-fi

I appreciate any help I can get. You are also welcomed to just tip me on Ko-fi as well.



Just wanted to add another example of what my colorized drawing looks like.


Finished commissions for Zet and Claine


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Forums > Art & Creativity > Commissions Open ($6 Sale)