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Looking for someone to play a male character~
Basic premises is that my characters brother is a city boy, and is coming to the farm for a while. He decided to bring your character, who could maybe be his friend. (When you realise it's basically a Big Brothers best Friend plot... XD)

It was horribly early in the morning, the sun barely having slipped past the horizon. Even so, Sarah was out working in the fields with her little sister who had just turned three. The small girl had begged her in small babbles to take her out and pick daises to make flower crowns with, so she did. She smiled as she watched her Sister's small hands pick the flowers gently and place them into her lap.

Once they had both picked enough flowers, Sarah began to show the small girl how to separate the stem just enough to slip another daisy through and then stick it back up and seal it. After a few failed attempts, two daises were bound together and, being sisters, they giggled and highfived. They continued to weave their daisy chains, making one for each of them.

After an hour or so, Sarah caught glimpse of their energetic mother and she smiled slightly bitterly. She didn't like the woman as she felt her father was just trying to replace her real mother. He had had a child with this woman, her little sister, but had had her and her big brother with her true mother and didn't enjoy the fact that she was just supposed to... Forget about her.

"Your brother is coming home! Come on, we have to meet him. Apparently he's bringing one of his city friends too!"

Sarah's eyes lit up as she picked up her little sister and handed her the unfinished flower crowns before dashing off past her step mother and straight to the train station, which wasn't too far from her house.

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > ((1 X 1 Fluff Romance)) Our Way Of Life