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I'm Sneeuw. That's pronounced Snay-oow, except for when you shorten it to Snee, which rhymes with bee, according to my arbitrary rules.

I'm twenty years old, an artist, an avid but mediocre RPer, I draw, I write poetry and snippets of stories. My favorite music is psych/folk rock, screamo, mathcore, and metal. My favorite bands are The Blood Brothers, Animal Collective, Daughters, Opeth, Finntroll, and Diablo Swing Orchestra.

I mostly do medieval fantasy roleplays, but I'll also occasionally do modern fantasy RPs. If it has no magic it likely won't appeal to me.

I like D&D, though I've only played a few games and probably forgot the rules by now. Some of my favorite series are War of the Spider Queen and Dragonlance. My favorite movies are May, The Cell, Hellraiser 1 and 2, The Fifth Element, The Science of Sleep, Angels and Insects.

I'm also super cool, no lie. Okay, I am lying a little. People have hated me before. I'm a passionate iconoclast, so I tend to come off outspoken and opinionated.

Mmmmmm yeah. Good stuff.


Hiya! Good to see you here! 8D
A mediocre RPer, Snee? Ye gods, I must be a dreadful one then. ... *glares* No, don't reply to that. XD

Ethelle! *Hugs!*

No, you're quite good at what you do. I can't trust what you say about my skills, though- you're my friend, so you're biased. Thank you anyway, though. It gave me a confidence boost. 8D

8D *e-shares rice snacks to celebrate the occasion*

Aha! I must update my character sheet with the power to provide +1 circumstantial confidence boosts immediately. XD

Dragonlance rules :)

Welcome to the Repository, I look forward to perhaps rol-playing with you :D

Indeed it does.

Thank you! I look forward to RPing with you as well.

Edit: Hahaha, self-burn. I used the wrong account to reply. Oh well.

Totally fine.... Just means I get to look at the characters on this one now :3

You're just in time, because I just added a new one. Also, you may have noticed one character is simply a future version of another character.

Dun dun dun! I love reading other people's characters. You need more art ;)

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Forums > Introductions > Hell yeah.