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Greetings fabulous people,

Ever since I joined this site, I have been craving a roleplay themed around Star Wars, yet I never really managed to get one running, so today, realizing the 4th of May is coming up, I figured this was as good a time as any to start probing the forums and seeing who else has interest.

I'm not looking for anything specific regarding the plot, dear reader. I'm open to quite a variety of stories to RP. All I ask is that you take note of my character, Azran, who is a gun for hire. I've got no other character that fits the SW universe.

There's also a few types of RP I refuse to do with him, so in order to avoid any awkward situations, please read that. kthx <3

So, if you're interested, feel free to leave a PM or a reply here. I'll make sure to answer and iron out some details! Also I find your hair to look rather good today, did you do something new with it?

If you're not interested, well... your hair will still look good. Why did I even bring it up?

"Oh great. A mission with another bounty hunter? Just... Freaking... Awesome..." *sighs*

(my character's language for why not xD)

Lightsabers, finger neck pinches, force lightning? Of course im down, id be a fool to pass it up. Id just have to make me a Starwars character though...

i got a jedi!!! id love this

Oh this is awesome :D Rp'ing with a good friend and two persons I haven't RP'd with yet? Sounds exciting! :D

=D ill be glad to play Celtic as a jedi again cheek her out her lightsabers are awsome!

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Forums > Looking for RP > May the Force be with you. (Star Wars themed RP)