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So... I'm in a 1x1 RP where there will likely be Tactical Space Battles. I do have some basic understanding of Sci-fi Space/Naval warfare tactics... But I am having issues making interesting combat scenarios.... So I'm asking you guys for suggestions!

I would want these scenarios to be "Reasonable" So nothing too OP or unrealistic. But feel free to suggest a Battle scenario!

I would prefer this be done in DMs but you can post it here too!

I say this here mostly as a possible starter to get other people to weigh in, so the conversation can be viewable to all.

My take on big battles like that--actual space-ship-level stuff, or old-time-y armies, or whatever--is to not focus on the minutiae. I'm not a tactician. I'm not an astrophysicist. I'm not a war-gamer. I lack the experience to get really into the details that would make such things believable from a technical standpoint, but speaking for myself I don't really care about making them believable from a technical standpoint, either.

I tend to focus on what makes sense given the story to that point, and focus on what the characters know. If the relevant part of the story focuses on a couple of lieutenants, ones who might not know what yield a photon torpedo had or what subsystems are where on the hull, then there's no reason for me to worry about those details. The key to being an "omniscient narrator" is to not worry about actually being omniscient, only seeming so. :)

Put another way, how important to the story is calculating the potential damage the weapon does to the area it hit? I don't ask that facetiously; I do understand some people quite enjoy that level of things. I would suggest, however, that if possible to not worry about it. Think of Star Wars or Star Trek. The first runs on Rule of Cool, the second runs on good-sounding B.S. The image of a hull breach opening right before a character's eyes, the rush of air to the vacuum blowing across the skin nanoseconds before emergency force fields kick in, the blare of the alarm klaxon, the shuddering of a ship violently under attack, the characters scrambling to get to stations--I find that more interesting than worrying about kilotons of damage or prime area-of-effect range.

Thanks! I'll be sure to take this into consideration!

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Forums > RP Discussion > Space Battle Scenario Help