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The driver's answer was surely strange. "If you say so."
One mail caught his eye.
A warning from the Canadian government, telling the agency to watch out for a group called "Sinner's Light". They were wanted for criminal organization, illegal possession of firearms and explosives, and suspected of "recycling" augments. The name was the cherry on top of the cake : either it was a sect, or part of the mafia.

The trip in the hypertrain and the driving to a place near the agency had taken long, but he had taken the day off. He decided to go grab a drink at a local pub before going home, and headed towards the nearest one.

There were no hands raised.A guy stands up, and says-"Look, Mr.Robin Hood.Do we look like we have good intentions? If we wanted to, we could break your neck anytime."
"Oh, are you sure about that?"-replied Thou.
Then the guy grabbed his neck.

rolled 1d20 and got 17

Thou grabbed the guy's hand, and with a little bit of a struggle, he kicked his feet from below him and slammed him on the bartable.The guy couldn't move.
"Are there any questions?"-said Thou.
Then he let go of the guy, and said:
"Again, does somebody want to join?"

As he entered the bar, which at the exact limit between the district he had arrived in and the ring where his home was, two men were in the middle of the room, apparently arguing.
"Oh, are you sure about that?" said the first, a man with artisanal augments. As the second grabbed his neck, he made him lose his balance and, by slamming him on the bar table, his consciousness. The fighting style was really advanced, and the guy with augments clearly didn't want to mess around.
"Are there any questions? Again, does anybody want to join?"
After ordering a beer, Daniel turned to his neighbor. "The hell is that guy?"

As the man next to him shrugged, he turned to the one with the augments.
He checked his pocket to see if his gun was still in, then said :
"Well, maybe we'd be more willing to join if you gave us more details."

As a strange, slick looking man said to Thou, that he should explain it a little better.
"Ok...Ok."-said Thou giving in in this tense situation.
"This organization is made by common folks like you, who had enough of this almost dictatorial system.Most of us joined after everybody given up on us.We have camps all across the three inner circles of Ristic.We want equal chances for everybody.No rich, no poor.No good nor bad.That's why we steal.But we cannot work anywhere else, because we don't have a registered adress card.We have a dream.And that is equality."
"So...Does it sound interesting to you?"

"It interests me. But do you really believe stealing is the key to achieving it? And besides, is equity or equality the true goal?"

"The true goal is equity over equality, but I'm afraid equity won't come true until everybody is equal.We can't build on a broken system.As for stealing, the only way for us to be equal is to experience every way of life, so we can get the best out of all of them. When We will be stronger, we WILL be rich, until equality succeeds.At least that what we want."

"We can't build on a broken system? So we'd have to start a new, better society?"
Shit, Daniel. You're already trying to infiltrate a thief group, and two hours ago you'd have doubted the agency was able to handle one killer.

"Exactly!"- said Thou while pointing confidently at Daniel.
"That is the goal, that we, the Sinner's Light will achive"

"Sounds good to me. However, I doubt a bar is the place to talk about this, is it?"

"Not really.Like in the socialist days, the bar is the only place without cameras or bugging devices."-said Thou while smiling.
"What's your name, brave gentleman?"

"One doesn't need to bug a place where everyone hears everyone. My name is Daniel - Daniel Kobayashi. Yours ?"

"Mine's not that important.Just call me T."

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