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Well this is pretty simple it works as the normal game never have i ever
now if you have type in the number 1 or say i have
now if you haven't type in the number 2 or say i haven't
i will start
Never have i ever kissed a boy or girl XD

I (sadly) haven't.

I havent

Never have I ever licked the floor

1 i have XD

never have i ever been camping

I have

Never have I ever been out of the states

1 i have england and canada
never have i ever pet a unicorn

2 never (T-T)

Never have I ever tried to stand on my head.

I have..

Never have I ever drove a convertible

I haven't.

Never have I ever met someone famous.

i haven't
Never have i ever been in a shark cage



I haven’t.

Never have I ever been bilingual.

I have as I am

Never have I ever went skydiving

I have not, but I would!

Never have I ever liked a horror movie.

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