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I was walkthrough the Vanguard,not knowing what would happen."Ghost what's happening out their?"His ghost would come out."The Red Legion is..."Nerco would grip his gun,as something from the past was disturbing him,but he so calmed down."Your orders,to see if you can if the other Guardians,and take this thing down."He would nod,and the human would grab a rifle,and run into the fray.

The fires blazed about him, mortally deadly for those not reborn in the Light of the Traveler. He was not fazed, his rifle forged of Vex scraps and parts blasting helmets off scores of Cabal as he charged through the wreckage of his former home. For the Cabal to attack the Last City; what could have driven them to such foolish actions, he wondered. Beside him, Vetra slashed through her foes by tens, her knives sharp and her bow keen. “Something tells me this isn’t a social visit,” Aaron jokes from the Warlock’s right, his flaming hammer lodged in a Phalanx’s chest, “but even I’m not this suicidal.” “That joke didn’t even make sense,” Vetra called out, her aim taking another head, “at least try to make us look good.”

"Jesus...",He said as he walked out on the rubble. He saw the that the city was set ablaze."Why would they do this?"Immediately,Nerco would look at the Travelver.Nerco would and say,"Why would they need all it in the first place?"Neo would see another Guardian,and try to catch up,but that before he shot one of the Phalanx that was about to attack him." know you should watch your back."

Aaron hasn’t been paying much attention, still getting chewed out by Vetra just as a Phalanx fell next to him, dead at the hands of another Guardian now coming up to him. “Hey, Thanks,” he replied, “I owe you one. See that Vetra,” he turned to the Huntress, “at least this guy tries to keep me out of harm rather than remind me of our last Crucible match.” “You mean the one where I pinned you to the wall with my arrows,” she smirked, “or was that just ‘beginner’s luck’ again?” “Yeah, laugh it up cheater.”

Nerco would chuckle,and say,"Yeah,my name's Nerco."Then a starship,"Come on mortal,the best to stop the invasion is to cut the head off,and you two."He pointed to Vetra and Aaron.I have space if you want to help him.And trust me he's gonna need it"Nerco would roll his eyes and sit down on the floor.leaving the 2 seats.

Another helmet blasted off of a Legionary revealed a transformed former-Exo Warlock, configured with multiple Vex parts over his once-red ‘skin,’ the Radiolarian fluid gleaming from his now torn robes. He turned to look over at the newcomers, a single red eye glancing them over. “We need to get to that command ship,” he informed them, “if we can cut the head off of the snake, perhaps we can finish the body off.”

“That’s Pyre-5,” Vetra mentioned, “he and his brother were part of a Vex experiment against their will, resulting in them becoming part Vex themselves. No one knows what happened to Cryo-3, but Pyre-5 made it out with his mind mostly intact.”

Nerco nodded,as if he understood.As the starship reached the command ship.Nerco was think about many things.Why would they come for the traveler?And why would they need it.The ship stopped and he got out,so what's the plan,he find what's powering up the ship and blow it to pieces,or we try to find the commander of everything?"

“Zavala said to disable the shield generator,” Aaron indicated to a holographic map, “which should be at the bottom of the ship; follow me.” He led them through the halls of the Immortal, killing Cabal by the dozens as they passed.

Nerco would nod,following Pyre 5 while also giving cover fire After a little while,they would reached the shield generator,which Nerco gladly shot down with his hand cannon.

((I’m going on a temporary hiatus; I’ll be back fully in early August, I think, but I’ll check in every now and then.))

((I’m back again! I’ll post a full reply tomorrow; it’s almost 11:00 here.))

The battle was fierce, shots being fired in every direction. Pyre was more concerned about the cage surrounding the Traveler, but Aaron/Eric and Vetra were infinitely more focused on the Cabal storming towards them.

"They just keep coming like a swarm!",Nerco said while shooting multiple Cabal that kept coming."Screw this!"He then proceed to shoot the Shield Generator until there's was nothing left of it."Alright,let's get to the rendezvous point."Nerco said while running out the front of the ship.He would see a device that seemed to surround the Traveler."The hell is that?"He then hear footsteps as he saw the leader of the invasion,Dominus Ghual.Nerco would point his hand cannon at him saying,"Guess your the head we need to cut off..."

It was then he realized it was a lost cause; he didn’t need to hear Ghaul’s comment on “a world without Light,” or to see the Traveler become ensnared in their vile device, or even feel the Storm leave him, allowing the Radiolaria to start spreading faster. It was over, and there was nothing more to be done but flee. Aaron and Vetra helped get his limp and infected body away from the Legion, but most of the trip was blurred due to the quickened threat of death at the hands of Vex technology.

"Damn...get back!"Nerco said before getting hit quite the distance.He then got up and proceed to charge at him again.It didn't matter if he had light or not.He wasn't going to back down.Not again.He managed to land a few hits before getting hit back near Pyre-5

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