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Heyo! So, I decided to take most of this week off from doing editing on my book and want to do art as I am in a pretty big art mood lately. I have never really done commissions much because until lately thanks to some wonderful peoples words of support, I didn't have much faith in my art being worth it.

That had changed!

I am opening four slots for now for character bust/head shot commissions. Unfortunately my skill with male or super masculine characters is not quite where I would prefer,-- I am comfortable and prefer female or feminine characters when it comes to art, but depending on the character might be able to do a male character.

The busts are usually just flat colors, with some minor shading.

They are PWYC or Pay What You Can, on plain color or transparent background on a 900x900 canvas that you can crop and resize if you please.

Payment through Paypal only.

Here are some examples:

You will have a choice of black usual lines or lines that are more 'painting'/flesh/hair ect toned. As well as feel free to point out a specific example that you like the shading type or line type on and I will work with that preference.


This is my most recent completed bust.


The ones below are older, ranging from the beginning of the year to a couple months ago.




If you are interested please PM me with the character page and/or details and references.

How payment will work is I will send you a sketch, once the sketch is how you like, then you send payment and then I continue and deliver you a finished product. (You will get a color update and I'll be able to change colors as long as it's not 15 times.)

It takes me about three or four hours to do one bust, and sometimes I can't work for an entire 4 hours at a time, but turn around should be 1-2 days once I begin your bust if you are able to communicate with me in a timely fashion ect when getting updates. I will work from the first person on the queue downwards and let you know when yours has been started.



Adding full body pixel art to this!


(Is a ghost/phantom character who is transparent)



cora1.png(doesn't have 'sign/watermark' because it was my first one and I forgot)

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Mercy's PWYC commissions! (OPEN 5 SLOTS)