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Pix's Place is an open sci fi style tavern set on an 'alien' world of some kind. While the setup appears sci fi, I have yet again decided to leave this in general forums because all characters are welcome here! Background and genre doesn't matter in the least!

Only adult characters will be given a free drink, but characters of all ages can come get some candy! Just remember to say Trick or Treat!

Note: as an obvious public establishment, the front doors are open and unlocked, please go ahead and see your way in!

A sign in neon green displayed on the establishment offering the name of Pix's Place far above the door. Beneath it, the hook....'Trick or Treat - free drink and candy'

A double set of doors creak open to expose the inner darkness of the decorated setting. Black lights hang near the skeletons of various shaped creatures on both walls and from the ceiling, mounted skulls of beasts great and small adorn the walls coated in cobwebs, and eerie noises of similar creaking and blowing winds play in the background interrupted by occasional howling and a sudden scream.

Placed just opposite the door, the green glowing eyes of a witches silhouette stares back, seated on a broom and silently glaring back ominously.

"You have me lost does giving free candy and drinks away increase profit?" Sihke asked as they carted the two bowls of candy over to Pix who sat trying to appear creepy on her broom floating in front of the bar.

Pix sighed deeply. "They eat the candy, they down the drinks, they see how cute I am, and they come back tomorrow with their bags of money," she replied with mild irritation looking over to Sihke as they set one bowl of candy on a bar stool and gestured the other towards her. She took it in her hand and pulled it onto her lap. "Honestly, think about the long term here...."

"I suppose," they returned dryly, "though I doubt your looks will cause any customers to return intentionally." The blue creature clicked in delight at their own joke, their own version of laughing. Pix just stared back with a mildly amused smirk.

"Just get behind the bar and give every adult trick or treater one free drink," she mused, pointing back behind the bar with a slight laugh at her companions mockery. "....And use the foam cups, I'm not giving free glass away."

As Sikhe retreated to their station, Pix turned her attention back to the doorway and awaited the first entrant. 'Who's idea was it to fly around on a stick of wood?' Pix thought to herself as she shifted her bottom on the broom, 'Humans don't really think this is comfortable do they?'

"ALRIGHT BOYZ! GET SUM O THAT GROGG AN MEAFF 'FORE WE GET BACK TO THA' WAAAGH! I dun wan none of ya ladz whinnin' of thirzt an' unga out ther. Nobody betta' sey that GROGUTZ 'EAD 'UNTA iz a bad boss!"

The booming boisterous sound of a ginormous Ork Warkboss was heard as he SLAMMED through the main entrance with a herd of his Ork boyz in tow.

"Now den! Iz hurd that youz boyz iz givin' FREE KANDY AND DRINKZ! Iz need some o' that fer tha ladz an me!" The giant of an Ork cyborg heralded whoever was manning the tavern.

"Ey boss, it sez 'ere 'Adultz Only' but Iz only loik a year old!" Suggested one of the Orks before getting a kick in the gut that sent him flying out of the bar by Gorgutz. "Shaddap ya runty grot! They dun gotta know that!"

Pix's light smile towards the bar's entrance quickly disappeared when the door blasted back, now replaced with wider eyes and a slightly surprised expression. She expected adults, of course, but she did not expect the invasion of brutish green creatures, all of which dwarfed her small stature.

Pix floated her broom a little higher to better meet the impending giants eye level. "You heard right about the drinks, and the candy, but none of us here are boyz," Pix responded with a bit of sly sarcasm at the end of her statement.

She took the slightly oversized for her bowl on her lap in both hands and lifted it in front of her, not yet actually appearing to offer the bowl to Gorgutz or anyone else. "This is my first Halloween, but I do think there is a traditional way to request you candy," Pix said smiling, then looking over her shoulder to Sihke, "....and drinks."

She extended the bowl a little and began shaking it back and forth, listening to the individual wrappings crackle temptingly while she smiled in Gorgutz's direction.

Sihke's expression was relatively muted as they saw the impending orcs tear into the bar. They heard the call for ale, in particular grogg and whatever meaff was. They weren't completely sure what meaff was, but grogg they had heard of.

Standing behind the bar, Sihke's tentacles reached beneath it and behind them retrieving both the glasses as well as the mixture they planned to use for the grogg. A final tentacle reached for the extendable spigot for water to mix the grogg with.

Setting a few glasses on the table, they quickly pulled the bottle up to pour, but stalled out. One of their eyes met Pix's glance back and they remained paused, relatively certain she expected them to wait for the inevitable 'trick or treat' that children usually called with excitement, only this time from a small army of giant brutish warriors.

"Oi! Diz one iz flyin' boss!!" One of the Ork boyz was quick to point out to Gorgutz.

"I can zee that ya git! Iz gotz eyez!" The Warboss replied as he too got a look at Pix, floating their way on a broom whilst holding a most bountiful bowl of candy.

"OoOoOOh!" The Orks said in unison as they stared up, nearly salivating at the thought of getting their grubby hands on the sweets. Though their Boss was far more composed and tended to act at least a little less like an overgrown muscle bound child like the other Orks did.

"Ya got sum noic gubbinz there!" He said to Pix, though whether she knew what the Ork meant by 'gubbinz' was unknown as of yet.

"Not boyz, eh? Ya look loik a runty 'umie ta me." Gorgutz pointed out before glancing at Sihke, "and thatz a tentacly squig! Thatz a noic pet ya got there, Iz admit." Because naturally, an Ork would think that a creature that looks like Sihke is good for keeping as a pet.

Now Halloween is sort of a perfect holiday for Orks, because everyone dresses up and is spoiling for a fight. Actually, it could be that its just the Orks that are spoiling for fights, but the sentiment is still there! As such, Gorgutz and his boys are at the very least dimly aware of what are they supposed to do and act in Halloween. Incidentally, a lot of them are wearing very crude costumes, with one wearing a pirate hat, another wearing a white sheet to look like a ghost, another one has a horned helmet that.. could just be part of his armor. It's hard to tell what's supposed to be a costume and what is just a part of the Ork's normal attire.

For his part, Gorgutz is wearing a bowler hat that is large enough to fit his head. Since he considers himself to be a 'Fancy Lad' he's naturally got the best costume.

"Tradishunal?" One of the larger Ork boyz said, probably a Nob, and he raised his axe with deadly intent at Pix. Because the 'traditional' way to ask for candy and drinks for an Ork was to hit someone over the head with an axe.

"NO!" Gorgutz though, as previously stated, was a Fancy Lad, and he knew what to do. He stopped his Nob from attacking Pix and looked at his War Band. "Iz kno' wot ta do Boyz. Say it wiff me!" He sucked in air.

"TRICK O' TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.

"TRICKZ O' TREATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His boyz followed in their best attempt to imitate their boss.

"WAAAAAAGGGH--" *Bonk!* One boy yelled as he got confused and said the wrong thing, only to be clocked over the head by Gorgutz' big mechanized klaw.

As many dozens if not hundreds of languages Pix knew, orcish was not one of them. Of course the word 'gubbinz' was not dissimilar to certain slang forms of food items she had come across before, and so she presumed that was all it was referring to.

She returned a smile continuing to jiggle the bowl about, watching the orcs marvel over the candy like she might have herself over a pot of gold. She couldn't help but to retain that smile most of the conversation as well, rather amused at the silly brutish behaviors the orcs portrayed.

Retracting the bowl a moment she leaned forward towards Gorgutz. "A runty g'rl 'umie," she replied, playfully mocking the particular style of speaking the orc was using. She chose to overlook the pet comment about Sihke, after the light mockery they had made of her earlier, she was more than willing to let a joke at their expense play out a little.

Pix's lit up face quickly went straight and she leaned back on her broom when one of them raised their axe at her. She quickly reached her free hand up her sleeve to retract her own weapon with a sudden feeling of tension, but the orc ended his impending attack as abruptly as he had begun it.

It was then the traditional shouts of trick or treat came calling and as they celebrated openly and even bonked one over the head at his incorrect attempt, Pix couldn't help but to giggle at the display. She thrust the bucket of candy forward still laughing openly. She held no limit on candy per trick or treater, she never really intended to. Truth was all of her Halloween knowledge came from recent research for this event, and so some of the finer points of passing out candy, as well as the behavior of orcs, weren't included in her original planning.

Sihke remained paused, staring with lazy lethargic looking eyes as the scene between Pix and the group continued on.

"Hey! I am no pet" Sihke protested, their complaints expressed slowly and mostly being lost in the excitement of candy, drinks, and impaling Pix with an axe.

The sounds of trick or treat commenced, and seeing the bowl of candy sent in, Sikhe felt it was safe to begin filling the drinks. Slight silent moans of continued objection may be heard as they proceeded, grumbling to themselves at being identified as a pet. Grogg was what it was going to be, and as such the mix was the first thing to go in the four starting glasses before them, followed by the water out of the spigot in another tentacle, all quickly and expertly conquered without hesitation or mistake by the expert multitasking tentacle alien Sihke.

((was waiting to see if anyone else might post. Will be posting meself tomorrow!))

((No problem, if no one else posts and you dont want to just walk back out the door, the orks could always stay and have a couple drinks or something....Pix wouldn't turn away paying customers after all XD Perhaps they could even scare some trick or treators if other characters do show up?))

((I was thinking the same thing.))

Though all Orks identified themselves as male in lieu on calling each other 'boyz' and 'lads', in reality they were an entirely genderless race, as they were essentially walking fungi. Thus, the concept of gender was lost on them. At least, for the most of them, Gorgutz on the other hand, being an uncommonly smart and worldly Ork had interacted with different species for long enough to get a solid understanding and thus could recognize what Pix meant when she called herself a girl. "Oh! Oi zee... me apologiez!" He said as he squinted his non cybernetic eye at her, seemingly just now realizing he was talking to a girl.

In his many adventures through the universe, Gorgutz had found that he enjoyed the female company of species, namely because like him they tended to enjoy the finer things like jewelry, fancy dresses, and other things besides punching each other. Gorgutz enjoyed a good brawl as much as the next Ork, but it was clear that he thought very poorly of his savagely uncultured peers. He then thought he recognized a fellow entrepreneur on Pix-- perhaps someone he could do business with in the future? He'd have to see.

First, the call for candy had to be answered, and as was his right as Da Boss, Gorgutz took a big fistful of candy from the bowl first. Right after that, his minions all but pounced on the bowl, grabbing as much as they could for themselves. Many simply swallowing the candy whole with wrappers and all, perhaps not understanding the concept of unwrapping candy just yet.

Next they charged the bar in a wild ruckus, ready for their free drinks. The first couple grabbing their due, but as they stared to pile in they started shoving and punching each other. A pair of Orks in particular completely missed their chance at drinks as they wrestled each other to the ground and an opportunistic Ork stole both their drinks.

Gorgutz laughed and allowed his Boyz to fight among themselves for now as he grabbed his own drink and looked down at Piz, hopefully she wouldn't mind the chaos that her bar was in now. It was pack full of greenskins hyped up on sugar and alcohol. "Noic pub ya got 'ere, by tha way! I oughta bring tha boyz 'ere more often, after wez done wiff tha Krumpin' fer tha day." Gorgutz said to Piz getting into the 'bar socializing' state of things.

Pix was familiar with races which lacked genders, her own planet did share their existence with a sentient race of agender creatures after all. Even so, most of her species had a tendency to try genderizing others unless corrected, and some still had a difficult time grasping the concept of no genders. Thankfully Pix, being a woman of the universe, was not trapped in such a limited way of thinking.

" problem," she replied awkwardly. It wasn't the complete truth, while she didn't mind being mistaken for a child she never much cared for the mistakes in her gender. Of course, if she were aware of the orks own lack of gender, she probably would have understood their confusion better.

She then watched the bowl in her hands, nicely raided by da bosses hand followed by a complete invasion of their underlings. Her jaw dropped slightly as her eyes moved from the bowl to the various orks engaged in a sugar fueled feeding frenzy.

"'re supposed to....uh-" she chimed in, quickly trailing off realizing it was too late to guide them in the ways of unwrapping candy. The didn't seem to mind it anyway and before she could think of what else she might say further, the group was off.

Pix watched as the orks quickly fell on the bar like bombs of water, and a half smirk began forming on her face as she saw Sihke's normally half opened eyes widened at the impending assault. She laughed to herself observing the Navin increase their pace to keep up with the demands of the orks who began openly hitting each other to get their drinks. A little bar roughhousing wasn't something that would upset her as it was not an uncommon thing for her own people, so long as nothing of value was damaged in the process.

She turned back to Gorgutz, wondering if she should have hired some security for the night, just in case things got out of hand. Of course, she wasn't expecting an orkish invasion when she planned the trick or treat event.

"Of course! We're almost always open," Pix replied. She floated around in a slight circle and exchanged the empty candy bucket the orks had ravaged for the full one Sihke had set behind her before they had arrived. Pulling it onto her lap in anticipation of the next trick or treator(s), her broom circled again back towards time door and she met eyes with Gorgutz. "What is Krumpin', by the way? It sounds like something I'd enjoy doing, or at the least watching

Sihke's lazy looking eyes scanned about the room as they reached for more glasses in anticipation of serving more grogg to what appeared to be a small army of orks. The casual demeanor they held, however, dropped as soon as the candy was tossed down their throats.

Sihke paused a moment and their eyes opened fully, seeing the now sugar fueled platoon of large green skinned thugs turning their attention towards them.

"Wwwhhhoooooaaaa" they emitted slowly, maneuvering those tentacles at twice the speed now to lay down drinks as quickly as they could. Even serving about 4 at a time didnt seem fast enough, and the desperate and rowdy mob began attacking each other as the stressed cephalopod worked to satisfy all of the orks.

"And you are saying IIIIIII am the animal..." they claimed slowly, leaning heavily on the word 'I' during their sentence.

He was still stuck on this planet; his search for the missing part to fix his ship after he landed here. Although this planet was filled with Xenos and their Abominable technology he had to look over it for now and communicate with them. But so far he found nothing useful and no leads to finding the part he needs. He walked through an area to continue his search until he came he heard a loud and familiar noise.

He went to the source and saw an open building that looked to be a bar. What he saw shocked him when he saw orks in there. He studied the greenskins long enough to understand how they work and this was far different from the norm. He thought maybe they may have been from the Blood Axe clan but their colors were off so he took out of the question. For now though, he would enter this bar and investigate what they are up too.

Before Pix could recieve an answer to her inquiry (or quite possibly while she was currently listening to the answer even), her glowing eyes were caught by a new entrant to her fine establishment. Her gaze locked on the individual as they walked in, and despite their looks her smile did not fade.

'Incredible costume!' was, in fact, all Pix thought seeing the giant metallic person walking in the door, apparently peering at her most recent savages customers.

She stared a few moments in Magos' direction, attempting to catch their eyes through the use of simple will power. She then floated the bowl of candy off her lap, it now being sustained by a simple glowing ring around its exterior. The bowl gestured off only slightly in Magos' direction and shook back and forth to light up the sounds of the plastic coated desserts inside. She would do this in an attempt to gather the new comers attention even if they had not noticed her in a kind of unspoken 'Hey.....candy over here!'

The bowl then floated back onto her lap and she wrapped one arm around it to support it. She would absolutely offer this newcomer, as well as anyone who entered, a fistful of candy, but not before each of them said the magic words.

"Krumpin'" Explained Gorgutz, "Iz when ya smash dem gitz up and take their teef!" He laughed, seemingly very simple to him. "Alternativelyz, iz when some posh git iz 'aving trouble krumpin' otha gitz themselves, and ez gotta ask we Orks to show 'em 'ow ta do the Krumpin' roit and propa! Alzo, anotha' way of getting yer krump on, iz findin' a git or a bunch o' gitz that need Krumpin' and show tha otha boyz ya done so they give ya theyz teef." So apparently Krumping encompasses any form looting, marauding, bounty hunting, mercenary work and generally anything that involves causing violence for monetary compensation.

It wasn't long before each and every Ork in Gorgutz' entourage got their drinks, or rather they had tried to take their due drink but got it snatched away by a bigger or smarter Ork. It all seemed rather unfair, though Gorgutz found it greatly amusing and even issued another belly laugh.

"Hah! Dun go knockin all yer teef off, boyz! Wez still got work ta do tonite!" The giant of an Ork grinned cruelly but it shifted to amusement as he looked down at Pix. "Oi! Wot tha zog, we've been doin' lotz of Krumpin' todey. Might as well make a trip outta thiz. Wot kinna currenzy ya take 'ere, g'rl? Since ya look loik a 'umie I dun think ya take teef." And that's probably when it showed why Gorgutz seemed to be such a successful War Boss.

He was absolutely loaded! The Ork pull open his jacket and showed deep deep pockets, full of gold, diamonds, precious stones, coins and paper money that was probably accepted in this sector of the universe. "'Notha round for tha' boyz! On me!!" He yelled at Sihke, who, yes, this probably meant they had to fill yet more glasses of grogg.

They Orks cheered and chanted for their boss. "YAH! You iz tha' best boss!!" At least this meant they would likely be distracted long enough to not start fighting each other again just yet.

Meanwhile, the Orks had either not noticed the Tech Priest skulking about, or they were actively ignoring him, far too busy downing their ill gotten drinks and candy. At the very least after further inspection Magos would be able to tell that the Orks at least had a recognizable symbol on most of their equipment. An angry looking yellow half-moon with a snake tongue peeking out.

The Bad Moonz clan.


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