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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

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  • Jiaozi (played anonymously)
    Jia is a sad girl wrapped up in a boss ass bitch. She's diva, an absolute queen in her own right. Despite a lifetime of enduring prejudice, she still manages to maintain solidarity with her own kind. She even took up leadership of her tribe in the absence of it, organizing the group and looking out for everyone's well being. She might not want the job, but she handles it in stride. Her design is also gorgeous! Creative ideas Long posts - Auberon

  • Flux (played by GingerHades)
    Eldritch abominations my beloved <3
    Flux is pretty unnerving but in a fun sort of way, and I think Hades did a really good job revamping this character. It was cool before, but now it's extra cool and has a lot more creativity and creepiness thrown in. :D
    Genuinely, I am blown away by Hades' ability to come up with such neat concepts for Creepy Li'l Creatures and Funny Li'l Guys™ - so much admiration for her, you have no idea.
    Praise be to the Eldritch Mosquito Puppy!!! - Faedreamer

  • Noctis (played anonymously)
    One of the greatest writers and storytellers on this site. Not only is she enthusiastic and creative, but kind and caring. I consider her a close and personal friend. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Dawnseeker

  • healing factor. (played by Sohrryu)
    Deadpool has been a wonderful teacher for Villareal De Meath's Academy for Powerfully Gifted Beings. He has his classroom decorated so well and is very nice to his students, from what I have seen. I'm glad that he is working with us and he will stick around to help for a long time. Drives the plot forward Long posts - Anonymous

  • This character is amazing and its writer ash is too! I really enjoy writing with them and having some chit chat. Lucy is someone I definitely want to keep in my rp lists oh and definitely ash!❤️ Creative ideas Long-term partner - EagleBearer

  • Alder Woods (played by Jz96)
    One of the things I enjoy the most is seeing character development and a great way to do this are those quiet moments when a character is by themselves and away from other characters or external sources of conflicts. Jz96 has shown that very well and it makes one want to see this side of Alder and find out more about him. The writer is friendly and wants to improve his craft. Definitely take the opportunity to write with him. :) Creative ideas Concise posts - Falyn

  • Lorelei (played by Sanne)
    Lorelei perfectly captures the enrapturing charm one imagines of merfolk, from her beauty to her wit and all else. Though we write very different concepts of merfolk, they are still compatible enough for RP given the flexible nature of the book lore we both take from.

    I look forward to the chance to set up a plot with her! She has great hooks and plenty of content to expand upon. It's exciting! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Samiakki

  • Theresa Knox (played anonymously)
    I’m late in giving this woman kudos. Been writing a ‘lazy rp’ with her for months, and with my character dying in an accident, we work on the grief and intrigue of the memorial. Awesome writer and fun character. Creative ideas Long posts - Anonymous

  • Marlie (played by Jejune)
    Even though none of my characters have interacted with Marlie, I've always liked the idea of haunted dolls. The greatest part is that other than being another Annabelle or Robert clone, hers seems to be something besides one that scratches you in your sleep. Godspeed. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - VoliminalVerse

  • Joia (played by Dndmama)
    Joia is a delight and a breath of fresh air! There is so much you can do when designing a dragon, and Dndmama gives Joia so much depth. She is vibrant and lovely, and her art is phenomenal and just as sweet. Her plot hooks are captivating and draw you in, too. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Keke

  • Adorable, fun hearted Great sense of humor Creative ideas - CookieMonster

  • Neeva (played by Rook)
    A wonderful writer with the compassion and understanding of a great friend. They're always welcoming and friendly when engaging, allowing you to feel comfortable and to be yourself. They offer plots that are unique and fun to play out, allowing character relationships to flourish.

    Totally a person to role-play with. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Pretty_Bird

  • Birdy (played by Pretty_Bird)
    Birdy is an amazing character with a player of fascinating creativity. Her character depth is bottomless with potential plots of enormous variety. I cannot wait for storylines to unfold, a delighted old timer player, sitting up on the edge of their seat. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - GrnDrag0n

  • They've been absolutely amazing in helping me express a character that I've had a troubled history with, allowing me to finally portray said character the way they should be. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - randomentity777

  • Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)
    What do you call a feline who helps make things happen sooner than they would have otherwise? A CATalyst! : D

    Seriously, Raven is all kinds of snarky fun, entertaining trouble, and sweet mischief. Queen of questionable self-preservation instincts and risky curiosity, undisputed. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Avitrathephoenix

  • Cathryne Gardener (played anonymously)
    great write up, the Character design seems to be well written and well put together. Not interacted with the person behind the character but from reading the character i can take a guess at the fact she is well fleshed out. - Anonymous

  • The Glades of Aefir (played anonymously)
    Possibly the greatest person I've ever had the pleasure of playing with. I have never felt such a connection to any player before this. I'll be here when you return, always. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ligeia

  • Korby is an amazing character! in spite of literally being a green Kirby they're very creative! I wanna rp with ya more dude!

    - Faputa! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Tobi Wonderful (played by RPJEANS)
    Is it possible to NOT love Tobi? He's so fabulous in all he does, he has a savage streak that just won't quit, and he's just so adorably quirky and hilarious. You can be certain that any RP with Tobi in it is bound to be lots of fun! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - cri86titanium

  • Dralt (played by Libertine)
    Dralt is another character I thoroughly admire for the incredible depth that Lib put in his profile's creation. He has a complex backstory with intriguing lore, and a well-rounded, multifaceted personality which is enriched by Lib's writing ability! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - cri86titanium