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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

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  • Samael (played by fishnchipsfriday)
    Reading this profile made me want to try and Rp again. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - KorrokMustache

  • Lilianna Summerland (played anonymously)
    Great writer and wonderful friend. She always seems to give me at least a very good daily post even when she has other things going on in her life. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TarnishedHalo

  • Jack Hunter (played anonymously)
    Jack is an incredible character. Interesting, engaging and well rounded. Jack's writer is an incredible partner. Not only creative but supportive and easy to work with. I am lucky to be writing with him. ~Sloane Harper~ Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • Ryan Jensen (played by cnuveau)
    He plays this role flawlessly. His creative ideas and ability to think through the longer term goals are unbeatable. A definite favorite writer and character for me. Fast responses Long-term partner - Stormiedayz

  • Travis Walters (played by cnuveau)
    A warm and sweet character that you can't help but love. He is creative and very helpful. I love writing with him, and hope to be long-term partners with his writer. I highly recommend. Kind and understanding Fast responses - Stormiedayz

  • Ben Ambrose (played anonymously)
    He is sweet, funny, and wild in a good way in his RP. I highly recommend plotting something up with him, He never disappoints with his creativity. Great sense of humor Fast responses - Stormiedayz

  • Eleanor Pettigrew (played anonymously)
    i absolutely love this character. so well-written, so well-planned. i adore eleanor. just. wow! the writing is so detailed and lenghty and it's so creative. my mind is blown. it makes me wonder so much about her. it makes me question her past, has she gotten what she has wanted yet? who knows. i love her !!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - ghostdays

  • I have been enjoying our 'Returning Soldier' roleplay with Charlie since we started a story together a while ago. It is rare to connect with a like-minded writer that one can mesh so easily with. It seemed the RP request backstory was made to mesh with Scott! I am enjoying the intensity of this story with Charlie, and I hope we write together for a long time as we build our character's lives together!
    - Scotty Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Blues-Guy

  • Scott Smith (played by Blues-Guy)
    Scott has become a part of my favorite story ever. He dives in deep, and brings the character to life in a very realistic manner. He’s a wonderful writer, and worthy of having every box checked. I’d suggest you write with him, but he and Charlie have exclusively committed their characters to each other. His writer is one of the best! If given the chance, write with him! You won’t be disappointed. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Stormiedayz

  • Marionne is an absolute sweetheart ooc, and her profile is simply amazing. She puts a ton of effort into making her character feel real, and it works! I feel as though I am actually her best friend in our RP. I highly recommend writing with her. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Stormiedayz

  • Sloane Harper (played anonymously)
    I've been reading Sloane's story she is writing with another character on Modern World and really love her use of words to portray scenes. There is a style to the way they flow ... at least to me. Nice profile that tells you what you need to know. Give her a look! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Moonbiter

  • Theresa Knox (played anonymously)
    I've been reading Theresa's story with Quinn and have enjoyed the cute lovestruck posts they write to each other. Yet Theresa's backstory tells of tragedies through her life. A very well thought out and written character! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Moonbiter

  • So I met Taylor Adams on the Modern World group a week ago and we hit it off great! We instantly posted to an open story thread and began to weave a tale of the two characters. It just felt natural and relaxed! We plotted thet they were best friends from childhood and we started writing and making our history as we go! It's the way I like roleplaying! Marionne loves Tay to bits! Give her profile a look and enjoy! Wonderful writer Fast responses - Moonbiter

  • Ramon Garcia! What can I say? Superbly brought to life by Tarnished Halo from a few scraps of information I gave him OOC about Rebecca’s abusive ex that I wrote with another writer on Blue Moon. The character was only a shell there, and to have him come to life and haunt Rebecca in our roleplay earlier this year was one of the best RP encounters I’ve ever had! It’s great to see that character get developed into his own individual self and is making stories!
    - your ex Rebecca Long posts Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Ryu Hayashi (played by ormiee)
    Ryū Is such a fascinating, well-written, and beautifully constructed character! The very definition of still waters running deep, every post leaves more to be discovered, drawing you in like a riptide. A demonstration of his writer's ability to construct realistic, complex, vibrant characters that will leave a person scrambling for more like devouring chapters of their favorite book. If you have a chance to RP with Ryū, you will find for yourself that my words can’t do the character justice. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Doc (played anonymously)
    Doc is an absolutely beautifully written character with a complex inner dichotomy that makes him seem to come alive! A testament to the skill of his writer, Doc is a fascinating play on the inner complexities that are capable of thriving in a character. Every post shows more to be discovered and answers questions while simultaneously drawing you in to want to discover more! If you get a chance to RP with this character, I would highly suggest you take it! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Cadwyn Jones (played by Caelianna)
    What can I say about Cady that would do them justice!? Not only is the character so well made and thought out, with tiny intricate details and beautiful context, but they are also written so well! They really are a little ball of sunshine, embodying a complex dichotomy of everything you could ever want and more. I adore her and am so glad to have gotten a chance to scratch the surface of her beautiful complexity in RP! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kruhee

  • Vincent Jones (played by Chaotic)
    Vincent Jones is not just a well-put-together, well-thought-out character; he is also written in a way that makes him feel like a real person! He seems to jump off the page and right into your heart, which is a testament to the player's adept skill at creativity and sublime writing. Please do yourself a favor and RP with this character! You will surely find they are everything you could hope for and more! :D Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kruhee

  • Cersa (played by Valiant)
    A roleplaying veteran with huge understanding of different themes and tropes. Highly adaptable and with a drive to learn all the lore there is. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Ysulyan

  • A very caring and loving individual with great potential for being a successful person. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Ysulyan