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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

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  • Mr. Knight (played anonymously)
    Don't let the profile deceive you. Mr. Knight is hilarious and everything I need in an RP. Everything is funny and he makes me think of what will happen next in between posts. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Cacophony

  • amber diaz (played anonymously)
    Amber is fun to play with. She replies quickly and always has something to add. Good profile visuals and the character history is an entertaining read. If you want to have an active roleplay, hit Amber up!

    - J Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Saw Marianne’s profile and liked it, so I reached out to compliment. Ended up starting a fun roleplay story. A very creative character, and I love the way humor gets incorporated into their posts. If you want to write an espionage or mercenary sort of story, Marianne will have your back!
    - Ro Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Kinyr Atli (played by TheAtli)
    I've been rping with Kinyr's player for years now, over a decade actually. Not only is he an amazing rper but he's an amazing person - he'll be fair with you in plot and work with you if there's something you're not comfortable with. He's absolutely one of the best role players and people that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Nessity

  • Elsa (played by SurferGirlGeek)
    Been writing a world war two historical RP with Elsa and it has been quite an enjoyable experience! We seem to bond with creating the story and are working on a long term tale! Elsa is a wonderful historical character and historical roleplaying with Elsa is highly recommended!
    - Roger Creative ideas Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Roger Adams (played anonymously)
    Rodger is amazing and so understanding, I love RPing with him. He's so friendly and kind and is always driving things forward with his incredible creativity. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - SurferGirlGeek

  • Bessabelle (played anonymously)
    Bessa is down for anything, which makes for a great RP. Posts are detailed and great for keeping things interesting Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Nina Phelps (played by Dawnia)
    Recently had the lovely opportunity to write a quick one-off RP with Nina. It took about three weeks to write from the beginning to the end, and I was quite engaged with the writing as we seemed to intermingle our posts well. Planning was minimal, and we had a lot of fun creating the story as we went. Nina is a well-presented character with good backstory, and I highly recommend writing with her.
    - Ray Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Tamsen (played by Boe)
    Not sure how I came by Tamsen's profile but it was a joy to read through! I love the storytelling in the journal, and it made me want to read and know more of the character! A beautifully thought-out character and page graphics! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

    - The Hitchhiker Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Alvara (played by AmongstTheStars)
    I can’t describe how awesome this character is and how I fell in love with each of her posts day by day. I am waiting like a little child to read her response and I am never disappointed. I look forward to continue writing a story with her and I hope we can write forever. Amazing person almost jealous she’s not mine 😂❤️ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

  • A maid, A Corpo, and A princes (played anonymously)
    So really love Princess Lilah Stone. The character is well thought out and the person behind her really knows how to keep ya hooked on a story. Truly an amazing roleplayer. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Lanx12

  • Luis Shawcross (played anonymously)
    This role player is absolutely amazing. Their replies have internal and external details, they always reply several paragraphs and their character is glorious. They're always in the spirit of the character and great at going with the flow! They're also really good communicators and can play multiple characters flawlessly in scene. Honestly just an amazingly well rounded good player. Our rp with my character Oberon is literally my favorite roleplay I'm in I get EXCITED seeing a reply Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - CatNoLastName

  • Kieran Ward (played anonymously)
    Absolutely awesome player. They stay in character really well as well as having a really great character to work off! Their replies are always really thorough and amazing! I'm honestly just trying to keep up with them as best I can I aspire to be this level of role player honestly! Wonderful writer Long posts - CatNoLastName

  • DR. H. M. H. ANTONIUS (played anonymously)
    The overall presentation for this character is the most impressive I've witnessed thus far. The art and writing are superb. And the formatting for these pages are nothing short of wizardry. I feel truly inspired; a rare occurrence in one as bored as I. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - iWarlock

  • Yanzu (played by KingTai)
    I have played with King Tai and his Yanzu charater for over a month. as a person he is kind, understanding and gentle person who is not afraid to say what's on his mind. As a role-player working with him on world building, he is amazing and not afraid to get into the nitty gritty and hard work of world building and be excited at the idea. as a storyteller he spins things bueatiful and makes it very easy to play with. Yanzu in a very well thought out charater created with allot of thought Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Masquerade

  • Abigail Winters -not active- (played anonymously)
    Willing to communicate and find the perfect plot so everyone is happy! Writes quite a whole lot, gives plenty of things to work, and is overal nice to chat with. We have been roleplaying for very little time, but it was all enjoyable and Im eager to keep on roleplaying <3 Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Astro-Rey

  • Nina Phelps (played by Dawnia)
    Wow, what can I say? Been into an RP with Nina for a short while and love their style of interactive creative writing! Immersed in her posts are occasional visuals and links, and the use of modern branding in the details are awesome! If a chance comes to write a story with her, take advantage of the opportunity as I think you may find it as enjoyable as I do. I could tick most of these kudo boxes for her so I’ll randomly pick two. Drives the plot forward Long posts - Anonymous

  • Taniks (played anonymously)
    AMAZING RPER, Long Posts, Easy To understand, Wonderful Humor And Kind OOC :} Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - bluespriteisyellow

  • Xavier Bird (played by cringyduck)
    Xavier is quirky, sweet and accidentally provocative. He is a loveable, kind, well-meaning character and his writer is exceptionally skilled, offering a lot of detail and lengthy, creative posts. In OOC chat they are also hilarious and friendly Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Min-ya

  • Katyr (played by AncientCatKing)
    Katyr is a friendly, fun and easygoing character with a lot of endearing charm. Katyrs writer is detailed in their posts and kind, understanding and funny in OOC. Recommend! Kind and understanding Long posts - Anonymous