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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

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  • I've roleplayed with him and it's been an absolute joy. he's funny, creative, and an absolutely wonderful writer Great sense of humor Creative ideas - XenoverseSurvivor

  • Birde (played by Stoner)
    Just the initial view of this charecters page is awesome. Well thought out and done. Very good work. Creative ideas - ThunderWolf

  • Sidney Elliot (played by Cynical)
    Sidney is an interesting character; her writer seems to take a look at a stereotype and explores it in a new and interesting way. Even so doing she works with a partner to help tell the story, and is jut a fantastic writer to boot. I often feel myself challenged to make my own writing better, and that certainly isn't a bad thing. I only wish I could choose more than two qualities; she's that good of a partner.

    --Writer of Abbas Abadi Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Eliska Svoboda (played anonymously)
    Only being able to pick two does the writer of Eliska a disservice. She's great to chat with as well as RP with. She drives the plot forward, working with one to help flesh out the world. Often I find myself reminding myself to step up and keep my writing to her level. My only disappointment is there aren't more hours in the day to enjoy the story. :)

    --Writer of Abbas Abadi Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • Dwayne Diaz (played by scarellett)
    By far one of my best and favorite patients ever. An all around pleasure to take care of. Wonderful writer Concise posts - VoliminalVerse

  • E.V.E. (played anonymously)
    I never role-played with the player behind E.V.E. (that I know of) but when I came across the character and read over the profile, I just had to leave behind Kudos! Its a very well put together bio with lots of detail and pictures. E.V.E. looks like Katy Perry to me and she is a very beautiful woman. When I'm not so busy, I'd love to RP with this character at some point. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ultra-Knight

  • Enjoying writing a music-based RP with Marionne! It started randomly when I OOC messaged about the playlists she puts up on her profile. We then talked about music and soon we were working it together in-character! Our story is good, and I have discovered some good music I had never heard of by checking out some of the radio stations and bands on the playlists! Our RP has its own speed, but I always smile when I see a reply to it! Give Marionne and her radio show a look and listen!
    -Derek Wonderful writer Long posts - Anonymous

  • Patches (played by GingerHades)
    I love Patches so so much; every IC interaction with them is a blast!
    The perfect blend of creepy and cute, Patches works well in horror scenarios, but can also just be a chaotic little pal to wreak havoc and go on adventures with. Their design is adorable, their personality is a whole lot of fun, and the talented writer behind Patches' character just brings the whole thing to life! Or, un-life? They ARE a ghost... Either way, I'd give Patches a rating of 10/10, would hug! - Faedreamer

  • So, I'd been roleplaying with this character Xeno had, and pretty much. I been having a pretty good time with em. I'd give it 10/10! If ya lookin' for someone to rp with, along with some good characters, i'd suggest ye hit em up with a rp idea or something. :D Great sense of humor Concise posts - Taro_Nuke1

  • Daniel Phelps (played by Dawnia)
    Had the chance to write with Daniel and Nina, and I haven't yet given Daniel a kudo for the epic storyline we all wrote! A fun character who is quite overshadowed by his dynamic wife! It's good to see he is becoming more than an NPC/secondary character and developing his own personality. If you wan to roleplay with a middle-aged nice guy (is he really though?) Daniel Phelps is a good choice!
    - Peter Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Lori (played anonymously)
    All the charm of an alley cat, Lori is a southern belle sweeter than all the candied pumpkin and cinnamon in a humble pie – sure, she might be hiding a little cyanide (or worse, banana) tucked beneath beneath the pastry but if it's all the same to you sit and take another spoonful. The sweetness takes the edge off. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • West (played anonymously)
    This character has not been at all what I was expecting of him. To hear others tell it, he is an absolute monster of a bully and while - okay - he still might be, there is a depth to him that I was genuinely not expecting. I love him. It's a testament to both character and writer that West gives me (and Lori) consistent whiplash while never feeling like he's not being true to himself. Lori is So Blessed to be a part of this boy's life. Lost 4eva ❤️ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - meadow

  • DJ Rockwell (played by Cynical)
    DJ Rockwell is such a well thought out character! She is played and performed on point. The writer plotted an incredible story out with me and from the first post it was instant magic. With each post it just gets better and better! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - -Danny-

  • Sara (played anonymously)
    Sara possesses a beautiful, infallible soul that stands steadfast against the adversity she has and continues to endure. She is a giver of unconditional kindness, an anchor for the lost and unwanted, and the heroine of a story I am invested to watch unfold. - Keet

  • Jack (played by Bertie-McBert)
    I was just reading through an old RP with Jack and an OC of mine, and I realized I never gave this fascinating character a kudos; I loved our story together, so this has to be remedied immediately! Jack is blunt, mysterious, and mischievous -- and full of life I daresay, despite being quite dead. Somehow he manages to be both charming and exasperating simultaneously (but in the best way!), a whimsical being dipped in the morbid and macabre. I hope to see him again someday, if his travels allow! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Lori (played anonymously)
    Sad stories simply don’t come any sweeter. When I was first asked to roleplay, I had no idea the sheer magnitude of the story I would be undertaking: how significant a force for good this young woman would be to a character I considered irredeemable. Despite the tragedy and trauma she has endured, Lori wants only to make the people in her life happy; even when she deserves it way more than West. Just remember: you can’t spell Lost without OTP (the P stands for perfection…and it’s implied, okay?) Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - emroidz

  • Moondoggy (played anonymously)
    In my experience, people who have been through what my sweet Wolfgang here has been through tend to go one of two ways…so the fact that Moondoggy remains a weathering force for good, as well as a tried and true friend to those who prove themselves worthy, is a testament to both character and his equally resilient author. There’s still so much to his backstory that’s a mystery and that’s always been my favorite part of writing with MD’s narrator: there’s nothing but meat left on this RP bone. Creative ideas Concise posts - emroidz

  • Michael Ritchie (played by -Danny-)
    Ok, I've got to give him kudos for this but, the way Dan plays Michael is freaking awesome. I may die laughing someday from playing with this character! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Cynical

  • Anissa is a diverse and emotionally driven character set to be a strong and good wizard struggling as a muggle born who was abandoned by her family now seeking a new family in her Wizarding community! The character is a lot of fun! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - -Danny-

  • Cally (played by Furyaun)
    Cally is an amazing character with great supporting characters NPC'd within the plot. The character reads well and is well thought out with perfect execution and timing in the transition of movements and scenes. The personality is gripping and the plot is one that you will never want to walk away from. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - -Danny-