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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

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  • The hard part about giving kudos is there's some who you just can't put into words how incredible that person is and this lady is one of them. Love her characters, lover her creativity, and sweet to talk to. It's easy to get along with her especially with her kind personality. With her patience included, one would see the value AquaCharm is worth! <g> Kind and understanding Creative ideas - KingTai

  • There's so many things I can say that I could not fit into this kudos. PinkBrat is a joy to talk to and RP with. Well rounded and detailed characters, she is not afraid to play out themes on an RP that most would avoid. OOC she's very down to earth with a great sense of humor, a fiery will, and strength of heart. You wouldn't think twice about RPing with her! Awesome pointblank period! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - KingTai

  • One of the sweeter human beings I've met on this site who I've had countless conversations with! His characters are well put together and thorough, never rushes you to respond, and all around is a wonderful person! I would highly recommend hitting him up! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - -Rosebud-

  • I have not RPed or spoke to her long but just from this little time I've spent talking to her, she's a wonderful woman. With her characters, she executes them well and at the same time, pull off wonderful ideas for stories. OOC, I've witnessed how sincere and considerate she can be. Incredible inner beauty. She is worth every second of your time you put in with her. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - KingTai

  • Roleplaying with Taro has been wonderful! I love his excellent sense of humor! it's been so fun to rp with isaac and the gand Great sense of humor Creative ideas - XenoverseSurvivor

  • Yinyang_creator has an absolutely lovely rp style. it's been so fun to rp with her and her characters! especially Yami's interactions with The Lamb Creative ideas Wonderful writer - XenoverseSurvivor

  • Kim
    Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work Kim -- especially yesterday as it seemed a particularly taxing time from the tweets. I hope you manage to treat yourself to some well earned rest and relaxation! 🤍 Kind and understanding Helpful - wilts

  • A long overdue Kudo. This lady is incredible. She is a wonderful RP partner and person to hang out with. She will make wonderful posts and characters that may have a familiar face, but made them into something truly special and unique. She takes the situations you throw her into and runs with them, expertly weaving the characters into the action and plot while driving them forward and making her own plot paths and branches too. I seriously cannot recommend her enough, she puts her all into it! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Section

  • King Tai is awesome! Plain and simple. He's great to talk to outside of roleplay and he's beyond patient with replies (I'm very slow). Not only that, his characters are amazing. With how well his characters are put together he makes it very tempting to want to roleplay with each of them. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - PinkBrat

  • Darkfeatures is a very thoughtful and talented writer. He pays close attention to details in his posts which enrich all roleplays he is a part of whether in groups or 1x1. He has a clever mind for plots and world building as well as a great sense of humour IC and OOC. Definitely don't pass up the chance to RP with him! :) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • Came across Dawnia last year when a couple of our characters started a roleplay. That roleplay is still going albeit at a slow pace. Joined her Modern World group and helped her get it through the initial growing pains, and have only good things to say about her! Love her characters and need to give them their own kudos. If you get a chance to write with Dawnia, I'm sure you will enjoy the experience! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Anonymous

  • It's been a joy to get to know and work with AquaCharm in A Modern World, and has picked up the slack I left when I stepped down as a group moderator. Always helpful and is the driving force behind some of the events being sponsored! Friendly, helpful, and a wonderful spirit! Keep up the good work! Kind and understanding Helpful - Anonymous

  • Ive been fortunate enough to read some of their writing through the RP group we are apart of. I love her spunky characters! She has many different characters to choose from and I don't think anyone would regret reaching out for a roleplay! She's kind and wonderful! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - AquaCharm

  • I haven't gotten the chance to role play with her but I enjoy seeing her characters interact within the group we are apart of. She has a diverse amount of characters and Im hoping to see more of her postings and wonderful writing! I recommend reaching out to role play with her, you won't regret it! Wonderful writer Long posts - AquaCharm

  • I have yet to role play with him but I enjoy seeing his posts in the RP group we are apart of. They have become a huge presence within it and it's easy to see why. He is friendly, funny and a good writer! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - AquaCharm

  • Dawnia is absolutely great! She is a creative, lovely and beautiful person in and out. I have enjoyed our friendship and I am glad that we grew close. I enjoy writing with her, I enjoy talking with her and I am sure you will too! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - AquaCharm

  • Wow just wow... This guy deserves all of the kudos he gets. Not only is he a great writer, he is also an absolute joy out of character. There aren't many guys out there who are sweet and genuine but I can say without a doubt that this guy is. I can rave all day about him but instead I'll just recommend getting to know him yourself! Always enjoy talking and writing with you! :) Great sense of humor Long-term partner - AquaCharm

  • Danny is truly kind and wonderful! I'm so glad to have met them, and I'm so grateful that we've had a chance to write together. Not only is Danny a great writer, they're also an amazing artist who created various brilliant artworks of my character Ayla. I appreciate and love you, dear friend! 💕 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Aya

  • I've been writing with Mothunny for a couple of years now, and our RP is still going strong! They have great ideas and are just an awesome person! Creative ideas Long-term partner - GigaBit

  • She puts so much emotion into their characters, it's incredible! I can't even find the right words to describe how freaking amazing she is. I found myself actually tearing up all from a post she wrote, that's how much emotion they put into their characters as well as her posts!
    If you ever find yourself looking for an astonishing and talented roleplayer, ALTY is definitely the person for you!! You never fail to amaze me more and more, my friend! Love ya ALTY <3 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Rayne_Storm