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Friday RP Prompt

Posted by Kim on May 21, 2021, 9:15am

RP prompts may be complete plot ideas, a single situation, a character, a feeling, a challenge, or even a photo to use as inspiration. Start a new RP to play them out, or use them to add a twist to an existing RP. Modify them, take inspiration from them, or use them as is!
Character A is new to town and while trying to find their way to the store they get horrendously lost! Character B is a long-time member of the community and finds Character A. After a brief chat, Character B decides to show Character A around town. On their tour; however, Character B starts to notice things aren't the way they remembered and begins to think something suspicious is going on…

This prompt can go in all sorts of directions! Dystopia, time-travel, magic use, alien invasion...virtual reality?! Its a good starting point to really dig in with your partner and build a fun world and adventure!
- Suggested by Caitlin
Do you have a suggestion for a RP prompt or plot bunny you'd like to see featured in the news? Send it to Kim -- if it's picked, you'll receive credit for the idea.



May 21, 2021

Sounds great! Does anyone want to try it?


May 21, 2021

Ooh, me likey


May 21, 2021

This actually sounds a bit interesting