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Flap... Flap... ROOOAAAAAR!

Posted by Kim on April 29, 2023, 2:30pm

YIKES! What's that in the sky? It's absolutely huge! our greatest challenge yet has come flying from the mountains and is blocking our path to Triangular Prism.

A massive dragon in flight. It has back legs, but the front legs are muscley wings. Its coloration is similar to that of a Gila Monster.

Will you help to defeat the Gila Dragon?

Party Grab Bag Sale

This week only! What's in the bag? You might get epicness, a fistful of other items from the store, character slots or page slots, and even limited edition party favors -- all of them in random combinations and in mystery amounts! It could be a little... but it could also be a lot. Try your luck!

New Walrus Costumes

As part of equipping her walrus army, Moa has developed not just one but THREE new sets of walrus equipment. Visit her campfire to pick up these new walrus costumes today!

A walrus in classic blue wizard robes with gold stars, and the iconic pointy wizard hat with a wide brim. A sneaky walrus with leather belts festooned with lockpicks, pouches and potion bottles. It also wears a hood to partially hide its face. A walrus wearing a very spooky necromancer costume.

Remember: There's a tab labeled "Event" that's been added to the navigation menu -- use that link to quickly jump into Epic Week 2023 from anywhere on the site.

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April 30, 2023



April 29, 2023

Holy [CENSORED], it's a dragon!


April 29, 2023

WHOOA this guy is awesome!


April 29, 2023

THE GIANT ENEMY DRAGON- Okay, anyone else getting Skyrim vibes besides me?