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Day 4 Progress Report (Epic Week 2019)

We've passed another of the labyrinth's tests - with a crash that echoed throughout its ancient halls, the Mechanical Riddle Beast has collapsed. Its super crystals no longer glow. Have we proved our strength to the satisfaction of this place's guardians? Perhaps, but our quest doesn't advance without challenges, as mighty cyborg minotaurs and other robotic perils are still at large!
Only four seals remain unlit on the obelisks - two puzzles, one trivia riddle, and one collection quest.
It's Saturday - make yourself a mug of tea (or healing potion!) and snuggle in with your thinking caps, brave heroes! Let's solve those puzzles! :D

After that ultra challenging battle, we're also running low on weapons -- did you know you can help supply us with more weapons by playing the Doubutt game? You'll also earn Epic Week participation points each time you play, win or lose.

Want to learn more about this year's Epic Week play? We have a primer on playing in Epic Week 2019 for you! Not only that, but there are now several player-written guides for you to peruse for extra tips and tricks:

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