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Sober up
Artist: AJR
Featured artist: Rivers Cuomo
Album: The Click
Released: 2017
Genre: Pop

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ANY of the old Sonic R songs hit me with a massive tsunami of nostalgic feels... (and probably shows how old I am :D)

Here's a little playlist with all the game's songs, they all pretty much slap:
I remember being a little, edgy teenager who kept singing songs by Three Days Grace at 10 p.m. out loud, and then suddenly going silent after hearing somebody walking outside my room. (my grandparents going to kitchen, for example ;) )
You know, I was a "XXX_DARK_BLOOD_OVERLORD_(insert everything related to shadows and death in my nickname)_XXX" type of boy who was secretly afraid of darkness most of his childhood. :D

(I also listened to cute vocaloid songs, but shhh, that's a secret... ;) )

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