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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Enslave (played anonymously)


"A life on the seas is great for the aquatically inclined but what about grand adventure amongst the clouds? Pillaging and plundering your way through the skies of the world, take to Aetherized and join a family of sky pirates. We welcome you with open arms and wings spread wide."

Hello, RPR! We've decided to post this advertisement for a villainous sky pirate crew for those interested. There will be all kinds of DM'd adventures, fighting, violence, risky themes, and more! Expect something new every day. All lead underneath Captain Greave and his second in command, Odessa Hyde.

We're a growing and welcoming community accepting everyone. Some of the positions include ...

-Sailing Masters
-Powder Monkey's
-A 3rd in Command
-And much more!

Join below for more information. A custom furcadia dream with a floating island and airship is also the works!

Feel free to join us at our discord listed below!
Magic 90%
Magic is very common. Magic-tech, grand floating islands, forests that sing, magical creatures may be an every-day occurrence.
Technology 30%
Combat 60%
Combat is woven into the storyline and could come to the forefront if the characters seek it out.
Romance 50%
Romance is desired but not required, and will balance evenly with other plot.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

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It's like Skies of Arcadia :0 Well... sort of
I'm interested

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