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I'm looking for people to do cute twin rp's with set in my high fantasy setting. The main characters would be cute twins, purpose-made for this rp; its not really open to pre-existing characters since the twins should be designed together, ofc, and also because they will be a race from the setting. It will mostly consist of cuddling and cute twinny things, but will branch off into adventure eventually. Still, cute twinny stuff is the real meat of the rp.

For this RP I would like to rp as the Dragar from my setting, which are the descendants of ancient dragon servants who over the course of generations changed to become more dragon-like in some ways, though at first glance they are still mostly human. The exact draconic details we could discuss, usually they're fairly minor but I'm game to have more draconic characteristics, particularly if they can make cuddles more fun.

The setting is a high fantasy setting called "Heartlands", based on the continent of Auria. The Dragar live all over it, but the place I am most likely to base the rp is the eastern badlands, which are a land kinda similar to utah or arizona (specifically the red rocky and somewhat green parts of those states, look up Zion national park if you dont know what I mean by that.) The Dragari there fight a never ending battle against abyssal abberations that stray from across the hinterlands to the west, so they have a longstanding tradition of monster hunting (which would likely be worked into the rp as the 'adventure' part.) There is more information on the setting, but its not too important for this rp specifically. Still, if you want to read more about it, just ask and I can supply.

Theres a few different specific starts for the twins, but all of them basically leave them open to go on monster hunts, and gives them free time to cuddle when they arent busy. My favorite starts are probably the one where they were raised by wyverns (the Wyverns are fully sentient and part of Dragar society) or coming back from a big hunt, but I have several more start options if those arent to your liking. Adventuring will most likely be fighting monsters from the Abyss of Khora, but they could also adventure underground or head east if thats more your forte.

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