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  • Australia
  • Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Modern Fantasy
  • Yakuza
  • OCs
  • Multipara
  • Freeform or Dice Usage
  • Pretty Uncool
  • If you want to chat, I suggest joining the RPR Unofficial Discord Server
  • I am not currently looking for new RPs
  • My icon was created by Shaded Penumbra

Rave Reviews

After helping with the fundraiser for Operation Audacious Phoenix, Claine went on to help squash 5 bugs during beta testing! Helpful - Zelphyr
Claine is nothing but a relief and delight. Their art is beautiful, and they are remarkably understanding and supportive. I don't think RPR would be the same without them. Kind and understanding Helpful - MercyInReach

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