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Ok... well, scratch that XD
2nd thing ... Dice.
Juls wrote:
I don't do much DM RP, but I think it would be kinda disappointing to get all excited thinking there was a new reply only to see it was just a typo fix in the previous message

Maybe there could be an option to mark an edit as major like a reverse wiki edit?
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

I will keep it in mind for the future to see if I can think of a compromise, but I think the exact suggestion is not going to happen as-is right now :)
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

-Kniiiight!- :D
Hehe, how are you, Kim? ^_^
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Getting over an illness. Hopefully by next week normal >.> How're you?
About the dice, is there a way to have them show the individual dice when rolling multiples (e.g. 3D100). As it stands, they total, and can only be seen individually if clocked on. many people don't realize that, and with all the raffles, I've seen a few 'winners' become 'losers' because the re-roll three individual dice after rolling combined dice and not knowing they had actually rolled the winning number with one of the dice. <---this can of words brought to you by Dawnia!
Hi -Knight- !
"Clocked on" ??? 'Clicked on'
Hello Dawnia! Good to see you. ^_^

I am good, Kim. Created a female version of one of my male characters just for fun. :D
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

I think my wheels are spinning but I'm not quite understanding the question. You do mention yourself that clicking on them shows the individual dice.
Yes, clicking on them does show the individual dice.
I think she's suggesting it be "open" by default rather than needing to click to see the individual results
Hello Juls. ^_^
In the raffles, someone does '3D100' and gets '217' They then post that they screwed up and roll three 1D100, not knowing that one of the three dice in the 3D100 was a winner.
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Can you link me to a time that happened, out of curiosity?
Hello Knight!
Yeah, what Juls said. I'm a bit flighty this evening. Having a couple margaritsa after work is maybe the cause... <.< >.>
I'll see if I can find one again and will DM you the details..

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