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Hey, hey! Welcome to my profile :>

The name's Sky! Or Skyler, Skyran, any variation of those works. I use any pronouns, but they/them is preferred. I'm just someone who enjoys creating things, be it stories, characters, and lore (especially characters. ohhhh boy do I have way too many of 'em). I'm a big fan of fantasy settings, which is often what my characters fall under. I've got dragons and mages and witches and were-creatures and so much more~

What to say about me... well, as enthusiastic as I seem, I'm a bit of a shy and introverted person. I may not reach out much, but I'm almost always around to hang out and talk about our characters! As a forewarning, I have social anxiety and that usually holds me back from being more social and has me overthinking my responses way too often (IC and OOC). I ask that you please be patient with me. Also, don't be afraid to poke me if I haven't responded to a message/RP response/whatever in a while, it may be that I've just forgotten about it!

I do a lot of drawing, sketching, and doodling of my characters and plot ideas. I hope to eventually draw a few webcomics/graphic novels or write a few books in the future featuring the overarching plots/stories of my characters. Also, I currently take commissions on my Ko-Fi!

Currently, all of my characters' profiles are in WIP or incomplete in some other way, there's still a lot I need to change, work on, and add ^^; I am not open to start any new RPs unless we're friends, atm I'm a little too busy irl to start up anymore. Also I only accept friend requests from those I've interacted with before!

> Playstyles/Preferences
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1) I generally do multi-paragraph responses! They range from 2 to 5 paragraphs with at least 4 sentences, though I tend to go longer if I get really into the RP, heheh. Length usually depends on how much I have to work with, and the content of the scene--responses to conversations, for example, tend to be on the shorter side.

If you're interested in roleplaying with me, I'd prefer people who at minimum write 2 to 3 paragraph replies!

2) I absolutely adore fantasy settings of all sorts! Urban fantasy, high fantasy, modern fantasy, I likely have a character (or two!) who fits in that sort of setting or I'm cool with throwing them into such a setting. Genres I especially enjoy in these settings include adventure, action, mystery/thriller, drama. I love plots involving dungeon-diving, exploration, platonic character dynamics, or displacement in unknown worlds. If you're unsure about a plot idea, just ask! I promise I won't bite, and I'll deeply appreciate you double-checking with me about it.

3) I like to have at the very least a rough outline of how we want the plot to go. Major plot points, endgame stuff, and settings mostly established--but I will not say no to straying from what has already been established. Other than that, I'm happy to make up stuff as we go along! Who knows where our characters will take us?

Just don't include any godmodding, powerplay, or omnipotent nonsense. It's no fun if the characters easily predict what's going to happen, or solve problems with a snap of their fingers.

4) I'm totally fine with all sorts of violence! Blood, gore, body horror, creepy shit that makes your skin crawl, I'm all for it! Please let me know if that's not your thing, or if you have any phobias, and I'll keep them to a minimum or avoid them entirely if I can. I will never stray into sexual violence, and will not tolerate it in our roleplays.

I'm also fine with swears! I (and a few of my characters), swear a good deal in their everyday dialogue. Let me know if you're uncomfortable with any (or all), and I'll do my best to censor or substitute them with something less vulgar. I don't do real-world slurs, and I ask that if its in-character that you please censor it at the very least.

5) I am very LGBTQ+ friendly, and a majority of my characters are queer in one way or another. I myself am aromantic-asexual. If you're not comfortable with that, I suggest you go somewhere else.

6) I don't romance in general. I'm always up for all those fantastic friendship dynamics, found family, and platonic fluff, but I'm not always comfortable writing romance. Don't come here expecting to play plots driven by romance. However, if we both mutually agree that our characters would go well together and their relationship has already naturally developed in that direction, I would be open to it.

But, I will never write smut/erotica. That kind of stuff makes me very uncomfortable and squicks me out, and if you repeatedly attempt to push it I will drop you like a rock and block you.

Rave Reviews

Sonia Brown (played by Skyran)
Our beloved partner in crime, our stabby crooked cop. Oh, but don't let these descriptions fool you! Sonia is a trooper through and through, and she gives it all for the sake of her friends and their cause. Be glad if she's on your side! - CrystalDisc
Tobias Hazelwood (played by Skyran)
It was a dark and stormy night, and I had no one to take up a plot of mine that had died twice - no one but Tobias, and how lucky I was! The poor guy can't seem to catch a break when it comes to the adventures he's dragged into, but this witch is anything but a drag, himself. - CrystalDisc

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