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BloodLightning74's 2022 RPR Roundup: Joined the site!, Created 30 character profiles, Made 38 dice rolls BloodLightning74's 2022 RPR Roundup: Wrote 32 status updates, Made 398 forum posts, Sent 140 inbox messages, 1% of those were sent as real-time chats BloodLightning74's 2022 RPR Roundup: October was your most active month, January was your least active month, Your friends pelted you with 3 throwables

Rave Reviews

Other than having the coolest name on RPR,(BloodLightning? Come on. As a man, that increases my testosterone 19%.) this player has all original characters with different personalities as if a different person was playing each. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - VoliminalVerse
I have to give kudos to BloodLightning for their awesome characters! Quite interesting backstories and current circumstances! They are worth a read even if not roleplaying with them! Thanks for sharing you creations with us all! Creative ideas - Dawnia

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