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hi i am very An Adult and so you should be at least a Little Bit An Adult (18) if you want to write with me, cause i tend to write things that are perhaps transgressive and potentially upsetting, but i promise it's for the sake of a good story. i tend to write deeply flawed characters without an intent to make them get better anytime soon, and i dont have a hard restriction on genre settings i.e. yes to high fantasy but no to western. im pretty flexible and adaptive. feel free to pm me i guess but please do not emote at me and please be plainly clear as to why you're contacting me.

Rave Reviews

Cody (played by CURSEDOG)
I’m having a grand time unintentionally torturing this character in a way that I don’t think is the norm: placing them in the company of an obnoxiously cheerful cloudcuckoolander who is wholly incapable of being fazed. This has proved to be a highly entertaining dynamic and I absolutely love the contrast! Theo has interacted with a lot of characters, but I do not believe he has every encountered one that feels like a such direct foil. Cody may be a bad dog, but they’re a great character. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Tar
Mercy is a wonderful rp partner and friend and has helped me to meet new people and get the hang of this whole rp style so so much!! I have a great time planning and running rps with them, plotting little fun tidbit interactions with characters, and just goofing in the meantime. Both Cody and Herr Winter are complex and nuanced characters with a lot of love put into them and a whole lot of story to worm their way into your heart and mind, and I'm glad to be able to rp with them! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Roanroot

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