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  • Gender: Agender
  • Birthday: August 01

Please don't friend me if we haven't talked before. Thanks.

Icon by Krizzia

CURRENTLY: (Aug19) :: Lots of anxiety. Bleh.

Constantly crying over how many character slots I don't have...

Current Reply Times: 1-3 replies every other day for those with the oldest messages in my inbox. So... kind of a rotation schedule thing...

Current RPs: 12-ish Active ;; 1 Slow/Inactive (help meeeee)
Currently Open for RP?: If I post in the LF RP forums, definitely! If you're a random passerby, I'm going to be extremely picky, but yes ^^;

I almost always reply to PMs. If I haven't done so in a few days, I read it and forgot to reply. Poke me!

Name: Call me Crow!
Pronouns: I am Agender and will go by any pronouns! If you refer to me by he/him or they/them you get extra brownie points, but it's not required in the least. <3
LGBTQIA: I'm a Bisexual / Demiromantic Agender identifying female-sexed person, and hoo boy that's a mouthful. TL;DR I'm Agender and bi
Birthday: August 1. I'm 21+ years.
Astrology Things: If I don't put this here I'll forget it, so... Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Ascending

RP Information

-Been RPing and/or writing for near a decade now.
-3-6 paragraphs per post usually
-3rd person
-I kinda switch between past and present tense, my bad
-NSFW, Violence, Gore, etc. are all a-okay with me
-I kinda RP a little of everything. If I haven't I'm probably willing to try regardless.
-I may reply once a week, I may reply a hundred times a day, who knows, I don't :>
-I really like romance. Even the dark "That shouldn't be considered romance" type stuff. It's probably littered throughout all my RPs cause I'm a sucker for cheesy crap

Current Music Obsession:

Other Places to Find Me

Art Places:
Patreon / Ko-Fi

Twitter - Semi personal, post here the most often.
Discord Server


Joined 30 June 2013 <3

Notes to Self:
Character Ideas

-OC with horns b/c i realized I don't have anything and it's a TRAGEDY
+Dragonfly wing huntress lady heck yeah dude
-Whale merm my dudes because OBVIOUSLY
+Seal merm because also obviously
-"Fancy Lady" - Remember that SPN episode. Victorian era or whatever... yeh
+Make Birdie a Medical Examiner (among other things) heheheheh >:D
-Peacock lady but like ridiculously pretty screw the sex dimorphism lol
+Arapaima Mermaid
-Superhero because reasons lmao
-Scarab / Beetle fairy
+Rose / Flower fairy

Colors I Need for my Profile

This one's blue dude
This one's green my man
Oh look, it's pink now bro

Rave Reviews

  • I've left so many kudos that 80% of their kudos is likely me but here's another: This one isn't in reference to RP - but rather art! I have commissioned Crow about... *counts on fingers and toes* yeah, many times. I have a bit of favoritism when it comes to them....
    -- Mercyinreach
  • I've already given this person a kudos but I'mma give'em another cause DAMN! Always one of my favorite writing partners. No matter how long it takes you to find that beautiful yet occasionally elusive muse, I shall always wait for you! Deep, complex characters and...
    -- Dndmama

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