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  • Gender: Agender
  • Birthday: August 01

I AM: Back to having no muse lol. Will try to return to replying once every 1-2 weeks ^^;

Current Theme Song:

My Forums

I almost always reply to PMs. If I haven't done so in a few days, I read it and forgot to reply. Poke me!

Name: Call me Crow!
Gender: Agender - I'll take any pronouns! :> // Bisexual / Demiromantic :>
Stuff: Crazy cat lady ; I get too attached to fictional characters ; Too many fictional husbands ; I need to write more ;_;


Characters Currently Under Construction:

M-F : Not likely to reply
S-S : This is usually when I reply. You're likely to get a reply once every 1-2 weeks on these days.

Currently Open for RP: Not unless I post in the LF RP forums
Current RPs Going:
Active: 2 inactive / 1 active
Planning: 1

Fun Places to Find Me!




-Pinterest (If you have one, please let me know so I can follow you! <3 I love OC boards!)

Stuff About Me

Birthday is August 1, I'm 21+, and I really love RP <3
I've been RPing for a little under a decade now!
I have a ton of characters (Most of them fandom characters) but since I've joined RPR I've made a ton non-fandom characters! And I love all of them <3

I draw a lot in my spare time, and it's usually of my characters, but whenever I get someone asking for one of their characters I get really excited <3

I'm a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and I have a ton of animals, including pigs, chickens,
snakes, lizard, tarantulas, rabbits, and a few other things!

Joined June 30th 2013. <3


If my characters have pictures of real people, then picture credit goes to whoever took it. I just pulled them from google or pinterest.

Rave Reviews

  • Okie okie. Listen up... Crow is something. Something amazing. I honestly can't put it into words. They are super friendly, a lovely writer and human being. I enjoy speaking with DarkCrow OOC and writing with their characters. Though our first rp didn't make it...
    -- damnationfromafar
  • DarkCrow is a great rper! Their characters have a ton of depth and emotional resonance. Also, they are an amazing artist! I've commissioned two pieces for my characters and they were prompt in delivering and beautiful to behold. I can't wait until they respond again!
    -- Dndmama

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