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Please don't friend me if we haven't talked before. Thanks.

I take any gender pronouns c:

Other Places to Find Me

I'm also on Toyhouse - I tend to hoard all of my characters here until I can make them a proper page on RPR, since I'm always lacking in slots </3

Art Places:

CURRENTLY: (August 1) :: Lol I forgot to update this hahaha my bad.. I'm back! Lots of anxiety... lots... of anxiety, but hey! I'm back and that's what matters lol || Working on editing a bunch of minor things on character profiles; These things are forever WIPS and it sucks
Constantly crying over how many character slots I don't have...

Current Reply Times: 1 reply every week for the oldest message in my inbox. So... kind of a rotation schedule thing...

Current RPs: 3-ish Active ;; 5 Slow/Inactive (help meeeee)
Currently Open for RP?: If I post in the LF RP forums, definitely! Otherwise, no; My brain isn't currently in the headspace to take on any more RPs; I'm very art focused right now x_x

I almost always reply to PMs. If I haven't done so in a few days, I read it and forgot to reply. Poke me!

About Me!
Name: Call me Crow!
Pronouns: I am Agender and will go by any pronouns! If you refer to me by he/him or they/them you get extra brownie points, but it's not required in the least. <3
LGBTQIA: I'm a Bisexual Agender identifying person
Birthday: August 1. I'm 21+ years.
Astrology Things: If I don't put this here I'll forget it, so... Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Ascending

Those fun personality test things

Well you didn't have to call out how badly I torture my characters LIKE THIS OKAY


RP Information

-Been RPing and/or writing for near a decade now.
-3-6 paragraphs per post usually
-3rd person
-I kinda switch between past and present tense, my bad
-NSFW, Violence, Gore, etc. are all a-okay with me, given that we've had previous discussions regarding this. <3 Please don't pop up seriously triggering topics on me without a discussion about it first...
-I kinda RP a little of everything. If I haven't I'm probably willing to try regardless.
-I may reply once a week, I may reply a hundred times a day, who knows, I don't :>
-I really like romance. Even the dark "That shouldn't be considered romance" type stuff. It's probably littered throughout all my RPs cause I'm a sucker for cheesy crap

-Fantasy > All ; I do love Sci-Fi and modern too though, but fantasy will always have a special place in my heart. <3 Historical is... yet to win my heart, but I'm open to it. <3
Disclaimer: Pretty much all of my sci-fi RPs will be seriously inspired by Mass Effect so far as like... governments and things work tbh. It's my fave gave... ever...? And a serious inspiration as far as my sci-fi writing goes!

Joined 30 June 2013 <3

Notes to Self:
Colors I Need for my Profile

This one's blue dude
This one's green my man
Oh look, it's pink now bro

Rave Reviews

Crow's OC list is more than a collection of concepts. It is a treasure trove of complex characters, each with a wealth of depth and unique personality. Every one I've written with has been entirely different from the last, while Crow's kindness, creativity, quality and patience have remained consistent. They masterfully share in contribution to a scene, never just waiting to be entertained. I'm thrilled any time I log in to their posts. Thank you for sharing your imagination with me <3 - Libertine
After helping with the fundraiser for Operation Audacious Phoenix, DarkCrow went on to help squash a bug during beta testing! Helpful - Zelphyr

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