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  • Gender: Agender
  • Birthday: August 01

CURRENTLY: Streaming some art :>

Current Reply Times: Going to attempt to start replying twice a week... no promises though. ^^;

I almost always reply to PMs. If I haven't done so in a few days, I read it and forgot to reply. Poke me!

Characters Currently Under Construction:

Notes to Self:
-Robot Angel

Current Music Obsession:

Name: Call me Crow!
Pronouns: I am Agender and will go by any pronouns! If you refer to me by he/him or they/them you get extra brownie points, but it's not required in the least. <3
LGBTQIA: I'm a Bisexual / Demiromantic Agender identifying female-sexed person, and hoo boy that's a mouthful.
Birthday: August 1. I'm 21+ years.
Astrology Things: If I don't put this here I'll forget it, so... Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Ascending
Stuff: I'm a crazy cat lady who has way too many animals, including (but not limited to) pigs, snakes, chickens, dogs, cats, and more! ; I have more characters than what's just on this site... I have way too many... I have a problem
Fandoms: A lot, but Mass Effect is a big one, Overwatch, WoW is one I've been in since forever but dropped off of quite a bit recently, Umbrella Academy (Netflix), Lucifer, and ... oh gosh, now I have no clue what to put here... hhhhhh I'm bad at these things ;_;

Other Places to Find Me

Art Places:
Patreon / Ko-Fi

Twitter - Semi personal, post here the most often.
Discord Server


Currently Open for RP?: Not unless I post in the LF RP forums.
Current RPs: 4 Active

Joined 30 June 2013 <3

Colors I Need for my Profile

This one's blue dude
This one's green my man
Oh look, it's pink now bro

Rave Reviews

  • Okie okie. Listen up... Crow is something. Something amazing. I honestly can't put it into words. They are super friendly, a lovely writer and human being. I enjoy speaking with DarkCrow OOC and writing with their characters. Though our first rp didn't make it...
    -- Mercyinreach
  • DarkCrow is a great rper! Their characters have a ton of depth and emotional resonance. Also, they are an amazing artist! I've commissioned two pieces for my characters and they were prompt in delivering and beautiful to behold. I can't wait until they respond again!
    -- Dndmama

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