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LAST OP UPDATE: 1 August 2020


Hey there y'all
So I have these babes sitting around in my files doing... nothing, and I don't think I'll ever actually do anything with them so... I'm gonna try and sell them to someone who might want them!

All prices are "Or Best Offer", but I'm only willing to haggle so far, please keep this in mind!
$$$ > Art > Character Designs for Trading

PRICE: Prices are individual per design or best offer
OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL ART: If you would like to pay an additional art, you have a few (discounted!) options! :D

-Feel free to make minor changes to design, but if you want to completely overhaul it, just design your own character and commission an artist lol
-Feel free to resell these at cost, meaning for the same price I sold them to you. If you commission / receive more art of them in the future, please feel free to add that to their value, but the base value of the art you buy them with must remain the same.
-If you doodle them or have someone doodle them, I'd love to see. <3 Not required, but it'd be nice. c;
-If you gift / trade / resell them, please let me know who the new home is! I'd love to keep track of where these guys end up <3
-Just make sure to give artist credit wherever possible on these pieces. c:

DM me here or on TH if you're interested and we can talk. <3


Individual art pieces will be delivered to whoever ends up buying these designs. <3
a bump, I added a dragon / demon lady to this. <3
A wee bump. <3

Remember, this is still a "Or best offer" forum! Feel free to throw up an offer if the $ is too steep for you! I'm willing to haggle a bit :>
still available ^^;
Hey there! I'm hoping to do some updated pieces for these characters soon, but that will also up the price of them!
If you want to grab them for cheaper, grab them quick!
One girl sold!
Elfy still available! :>
Elf girl now has an additional art piece! Her price has been raised accordingly!
A little bump!
I added another character for sale! I re-drew her yesterday, but past that, I don't plan on doing anything with her, so... she's up for grabs now!
Small bump, added another character!
Small bump; Added 2 more characters!
A wittle bumpus :>
These are still for sale y'all
Still selling, lowered most of the prices by a bit <3
Added another character "White Haired Lady" for sale!
buy my characters yo
Wee bumpus, buy my characters
I added another character for sale. I'm more hesitant to give this girly up, but I don't really use her and would love if she could find a good home </3
Added another lady for $5, since I don't use her and really have no attachment to her.
Someone give one / more of these babes a home!!
Added another lady who I literally drew once and never touched again lol.
Come adopt someone!
+Redesigned main post to be a bit prettier / easier to look at on first glance

+Changed prices for additional art pieces

+Removed / added some information on original post

Come adopt a character <3

New layout seriously inspired by Auberon's For Sale Post found HERE

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