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Kudos for Isnelx

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • How many years has it been on this crazy ride? Too many? Nah! Every time we catch up I can't help but be impressed by how much they've grown and improved both as a writer and as a wonderful artist. Keep being awesome and I'll keep being blown away by your talent. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Voidsquid

  • Okay okay hold up! Let me just say that this amazing being has known me all the way from my younger high school years and most likely my wildest fazes lol. Literally a saint if you think of how much they had to put up with me. That being said a great person to talk to, amazing artist and always down to earth. If you don’t know Isnelx I suggest you get that ball rolling. Helpful Great sense of humor - Nekomanics

  • Jess is, despite time and distance, my sister from another mister. Her artwork is gorgeous, and I couldn't have asked for a better right hand woman in the years we ran a sizeable RP community. She's got a great sense of humor and a good head on her shoulders, and she's well worth getting to know. I totally recommend commissioning and writing with her! The plots she creates are out of this world. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - Auberon

  • Drach (played by Isnelx)
    These two are what you definitely could find when roleplaying with Drach at the top notch, top tier. The only person to really come up with something that was so diabolical...that it shattered Ailuin in one RP and made him succumb to her superiority even if he hates it every time he is pushed to. His perfect arch nemesis that he can't touch directly or stop. It is masterful genius of a villian dressed up in the colors of a devil alright. Well done and looking forward to more... Creative ideas Long-term partner - Michonne

  • Drach (played by Isnelx)
    I never knew I've known this player for this long. But I've known her for years, if I had known long ago she roleplayed, I would have been all over it. Not only is the writer an amazing artist, but she's also a breathtaking writer. Someone who really captured my and Ailuins' attention on their FIRST interaction and certainly by the looks of it, plenty more to go between the two. She views him as a enjoyable pawn to manuever, he views her as a Queen and seeks to undermine her by moving carefully. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Michonne

  • I am thrilled with the wonderful art I commissioned from Isnelx. She has made my character come to life with her own beautiful and unique art style. She is sweet and positive and I can not recommend her enough! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Falyn

  • I haven't seen you in a millennia and I hope I catch you around a lot sooner than the next millennia. I hope that all is going well. Your rp is very much so missed as well as your friendship. - HoundDog

  • I know I'm the last person who gave Jessie kudos, but I don't care. She's amazing. She's sassy, boisterous, and brilliant. Our RP has taken all kinds of twists and turns, and to this day, some of my favorite plots have stemmed from it. We might not jam like we used to, but when we do, it's a sight to behold! - Auberon

  • Jess babe is my ride or die. Time and distance can't come between this beautiful friendship with a rock solid foundation. In the years she helped me manage a community, she was my left hand of justice. She helped totally overhaul the group, rocking some serious organizational skills. More than that, though, she's meant the world to me. We've been through thick and thin, and she's the most steadfast friend you could ever hope to have. Her artwork is baller, and her RP is the tops. <3 - Auberon

  • This amazingly great woman is talented on many fronts. Her brain children are 100% awesome. No matter their personalities. And her artistic skill just keeps getting better and better. Honestly no matter what she does it is magic - CherryPepsi

  • This chick... ONE AWESOME GIRL! We don't talk nearly as much as we should, but I can still say, she's one of my amazingly great friends that I miss talking to a lot! (My bad, life is horrible rn) - But I have to say... The few times we did RP were spectacular! I miss you so much! I love you! :) - Boe

  • This lady right here is one of the sweetest, for sure. I admired her art and characters long before we became friends, but it seems fate had a closer bond in store for us. Although we don't talk as often as we once did, I hold her dear to my heart and hold her writing and talent in the highest esteem. <3 If you've never gotten to play with her, you're definitely missing out! - Stormie

  • An unexpected turn of events rekindled this little 'friendship' when we brought old characters up out from the cracks. We start up right where we left off, like nothing happened. The player is a doll, working the cogs of the mind, sparking up creativity with not only her RP, her characters, but also with the astounding work she does with her art. She's a sweetheart among the masses and I'd have her no other way, continue being you and change for no oneeee. <3 - Ouija

  • OH GOODNESS. How long have I known you Izzy? Seems like 5ever. Either way, she's a kind-hearted soul who is always open door mat on the floor for you type of person. Shirt off her back for you, type of persona. I love her to PIECES. And her art is always amazing and timely. I haven't ever roleplayed with her, but I don't doubt the experience is just as amazing as interacting with her! - Michonne

  • I don't get to rp with Jess near as much as I used to. Life, time differences because of life, things get in the way. She still finds time to pop around just to say hi, and has faith in me, it keeps me going sometimes. I know she can go from business, to casual, to blood and gore flawlessly in the blink of an eye. And her imagination! The fairborns are a prime example, unique and the true terrors of NV. Definitely rp with this woman if ya ever have the chance! <3 - Merenrave

  • Isnelx, I can't even remember when we first started talking, but no matter how much time passes, I know I can always say hello and it will be like not a beat was missed. She is more friendly and welcoming than most anyone I've met and so, SO fun to plot and rp with. She is just a wonderful person all around. - Jynx

  • >>I have since retired the character, I have reincarnated her and still use the piece to this day- a piece that was not only my first, but also my favorite and most cherished. These words do not do this beautiful, warm soul justice! I cannot praise and thank this creative, talented, and all around superb lady enough. Thank you for everything, your kindness has certainly left its mark! - Carebear

  • I have a heart warming story about this amazing woman that I think displays her shining, golden heart. When I first joined Furcadia a few years ago, I played a character named Demented Nymph. I knew absolutely no one in TGT, and it is safe to say I was an absolute peon. Despite my utter lack of experience, this lovely lady not only indulged me in roleplay, but drew an amazing piece of my character and gave it to me afterward. I cannot tell you just how much that gesture meant to me, and though>> - Carebear

  • Jess was a delight from day one. Usually it takes me quite a while to open up to people but she just has that gravity about her that pulls you in. She's vibrant, enthusiastic, and truly a dear heart. If you don't immediately fall in love with her creative concepts you need to check your pulse and make sure you're not dead. Also commission her, right now, her talent is well worth the price and you won't be disappointed. She's one of a kind and I'd stamp her forehead with a seal of approval. <3 - Ventlurker

  • One of the few who have supported me and dealt with my shenanigans. She is more of a sister to me and do enjoy her creativity and compassion. I shall never let her struggle as she is 100% one of best friends that I have. - Tiufel