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Hello and welcome to my profile, where you can find out about my rp style and a couple OOC things.

Some of my characters are jerks, but I'm very laid-back and versatile when it comes to rp.

Short term, long term, dark, humorous, mysterious, adventures, winging it, coming up with a solid plot, fantasy, sci fi, world-building, I can do it.

I have a lot of experience with rp, and have been rping on and off since I was in middle school.

If there are delays with responses or you just lose interest, it’s cool. If you always take like six months to respond that may be a deal breaker though

If you have concerns or suggestions, let me know! ^.^

A few things: Not much into romance, not into smut. And no one-liners. Really appreciate it when my rp partners help out with those NPC roles, too.

I roleplay in one to three paragraphs, and always in past tense, third person. My replies might take hours or up to a week. My life is crazy sometimes.

I know enough about the settings of Legend of Zelda, Sword of Truth, Dragons of Pern, Battlestar Galactica, Mistborn, Harry Potter, The Witcher, Marvel, The Avatar, Star Wars, the Forgotten Realms and Lord of the Rings to roleplay in those settings.


Rave Reviews

I love writing with Justabitevil! I've only written with Janella thus far, but I adore the plots and stories she conjures and I have a lot of fun writing with her, I deeply appreciate the patience she has for my slow arse, and I love the effort she puts into her ocs <3 - Kyce
Having RPed with her on a few different stories I can positively say she is awesome at playing characters who trod between good and evil and bring surprising twist and turns to any story. No dull moment whilst RPing with her, looking forward to more stories with Janella!! - Tusitala2017

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  • Voldarian_Empire gave JustaBitEvil kudos:
    Easily one of my favorite rp partners, JustABit evil is creative, adaptable, and reliable in every rp I've been in with them (which has been several at this point). OOC they are always a delight to speak with, and I admire the strength of personal character they convey, particularly in times as trying as today's. IC they are a fantastic and inclusive writer. I never fail to enjoy a post from them, and quite often when I recieve one I drop what I'm doing to run off and read their work of art. Wonderful writer Long-term partner
    (About 2 months 4 days ago)
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    Evil is a very good writing partner. She's given a chance for rp with my Priest OC, Father Buchanan, when most people take little interest in Holy figure people. Her OC, Evelyn, is wonderful to write with. She's a great help in expanding Father Buchanan's knowledge on things concerning demons and the like. While some might find it odd to pair a witch with a Priest for rp, I find it a perfect match. Thank you for giving Father Buchanan a chance to thrive, I enjoy writing as him. Helpful Wonderful writer
    (About 2 months 3 weeks ago)
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