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Kudos for JustaBitEvil

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • JustaBitEvil has been a great writer and person ever since I first met her. Her patience through the year and some has definitely been great. And while we both have our delays, reading each post of hers is well worth the wait! ^_^ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Lightningstar

  • I feel bad at times when I leave choices up to Evil, as it should be a two way option. But her patients and help with ideas are not only grateful, I appreciate them. When I sometimes fail at adding to the rp, I do my hardest to make it up to her in a worthy reply. We both communicate when we are unable to reply, even if it takes us a small bit to say so. Life happens, but Evil and I intend to keep going with our rp and I look forward to what happens next with her. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Winters_Fury

  • I've been roleplaying with JustaBitEvil
    for awhile.
    I love her.
    She's got such amazing ideas.
    The way you can't help but wonder what will happen next Wonderful writer Long posts - Scarletwolf

  • JustaBitEvil is an amazing person and always has a way to make things interesting, whether my characters are working with her or against her. It is never a boring moment when you have a roleplay with JustaBitEvil! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - TheNightmareSavage

  • It's hard to find a dark-aligned character as believable as Janella. There's nothing cartoonish or over-dramatic about this character's evil nature. She honestly feels very real and built well for a world of shades of grey. She's a character who knows what she wants and doesn't let others' sense of morality get in the way of her goals, but doesn't go out of her way just to 'be evil'. Wonderful writer Long posts - Riik

  • Easily one of my favorite rp partners, JustABit evil is creative, adaptable, and reliable in every rp I've been in with them (which has been several at this point). OOC they are always a delight to speak with, and I admire the strength of personal character they convey, particularly in times as trying as today's. IC they are a fantastic and inclusive writer. I never fail to enjoy a post from them, and quite often when I recieve one I drop what I'm doing to run off and read their work of art. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Voldarian_Empire

  • Evil is a very good writing partner. She's given a chance for rp with my Priest OC, Father Buchanan, when most people take little interest in Holy figure people. Her OC, Evelyn, is wonderful to write with. She's a great help in expanding Father Buchanan's knowledge on things concerning demons and the like. While some might find it odd to pair a witch with a Priest for rp, I find it a perfect match. Thank you for giving Father Buchanan a chance to thrive, I enjoy writing as him. Helpful Wonderful writer - Winters_Fury

  • I have roleplayed with her quite a few times yet each time the story and characters are as exciting and adventurous as the very first time we crossed paths. I can't wait to roleplay more with her Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Tusitala2017

  • I haven't been rping with her for long- but boy am I enjoying it! She's taken my small ideas and extended on them, as well as including tons of her own imaginative additions! She's characterised even unimportant characters really well and added details that are interesting to go through. Her character is also very cleverly done and I always look forward to a response, she's just an excellent writer! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - b0uncy

  • Roleplaying with JustaBitEvil has been a really great experience. I love her style of writing which helps apply the mood and environment of the roleplay. Her character would most definitely call for some new experiences me or my character doesn't come across very often and I do love that as well! I can't wait to progress even further into the roleplay to see any dynamic changes that would happen between our characters~ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • JustaBitEvil remains a wonderful RP partner - understanding and open to collaborating regarding potentials for the story. It's been entertaining to find a character who is so well-matched with my nasty Rasul in terms of some of their less savoury 'hobbies'! Just is patient and truly brings out the little details in the surroundings Janella and Rasul find themselves in and it's been a pleasure to write with them! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Heidi

  • I am so glad that JustaBitEvil decided to trick-or-treat one of my characters this year! That short and lighthearted thread (we both got pranked :D) was enough to see her writing talent and discover one of her lovely ladies, and hopefully there will be some new stories in our future! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - DorianM

  • I have not been rping with this person for long, but I can tell you that they´ve made a good impression on me.
    Their responses are never too short and are always thought-out. She´s creative and it shows in her writing.

    Not to mention that she seems very kind and also patient, which are nice qualities in a rp-partner as well as a friend. Can´t wait to rp more :) Kind and understanding Creative ideas - DancingDawn

  • Kris is such an interesting character; her bubbly, vivacious attitude is the perfect foil for Ezekiel's more sombre character. Many people assume clerics to be meek and helpless, but Kris is far from that idea. She's unconventionally strong, determined and altruistic to her cause, able to even persuade my charismatic paladin to help. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • I discovered JustaBitEvil during the Halloween event on RPR. I was super excited to find another person who enjoyed the Harry Potter verse as much as I did. They are easy to plot with and their writing is amazing. I am having an absolute blast writing with them and enjoy each and every reply I get from them. I hope our plots and stories continues well into the future. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Krispythekritter

  • Not really sure where to start with her. She's endlessly flexible with the events and plot points I set forward and I'm always looking forward to her next post. Her characters feel like real people. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend you roleplay with her. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - SolarLoki

  • While I have not had the pleasure of RP with JustaBitEvil, every interaction I have had with them has been delightful and heartwarming. They are always a joy to talk with and I have enjoyed getting to know their characters through commissions. Their spirit and good cheer always comes through and leaves me smiling and they are in general just a fabulous person to have around RPR. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Kruhee

  • Whilst we haven't been RPing for long, I've seen enough to know that JustaBitEvil is capable of brilliantly detailed posts. Her writing style is top-notch and her characters clearly well thought-out. If you're looking for someone with characters on the darker side, you're unlikely to find better. Wonderful writer Long posts - Riik

  • Been RPing with Justabitevil for some time now. Her responses are always wonderful to read and provide a good way to respond. Couldn't recommend a RP with this lovely person more. Definitely dont pass up a chance to write with them! Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Anonymous

  • No RP is ever dull or twice the same with this awesome writer. Currently Role-playing with her and always keen for more RPs! Janella is by far my favourite character and she never ceases to surprise me with her posts and plot twists. Creative ideas Long posts - Tusitala2017