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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: September 12

Hey there! I'm Kamui!

OkkkAY so...

I'm a huge sucker for MxM, let me just get this out of the way, and I adore long term and long post RP's. One sentence doesn't cut it, and I will not RP with you if that's your thing. I have a tendency to overuse Sangris, since I've used him longer and it's easier to RP him.

Meh, my Pokemon losers are done.

I also really love fantasy RPs. They're so much fun and possibilities are endless. I like romance the least, but only if its stupid, cheesy, "I saw that from a mile away" romance. Give me some spice, some action, and then we're talking!

Okay, also, another warning...head's up...sort of thing.
Sucker for gay stuff. And a sucker for dark stuff. Like, seriously. If you're one to make your characters suffer, put them in pain, all for "character development" I am the ONE to ask to RP with. Any chance I can get to make my children suffer.

However, I want one Code Lyoko RP out there with Odd Della-Robbia, it's my literal dream. If interested, please please please tell me and I'll worship you at the feet.

I'll make this pretty later.


~~~So, to everyone who has gotten a welcome from me, plEASe! I have a few rules. I understand that I say PM me anytime, but like, do not come towards me asking if I have any ideas. It's...well, a little rude. I know what I said, but come well prepared! If you read my profile, and look at my activity feed, you can see what I enjoy!

I'm serious, you guys. It's getting rather tiring, having people asking me for ideas when they PM me. I don't do it to others. Do not do it to me.~~~

Oh yeah! I make dresses and cosplays and stuff. this is my latest project! You should totally help me reach my goal^^
So, since you made it to the end, why not hit me up~?

Rave Reviews

  • Ah! I've gotta say I really love Kamui's personality OOC quite a bit but it's her skill in Rp that I want to brag about the most. Multiple paragraphs, great details, interesting characters and well thought out plots, very creative and a huge joy to have as a writing...
    -- Orrik_Zynn_x2
  • In the little short time I've known Kamui, she's turned out to be a funny and enlightening person and a marvelous rper. Her personality is addicting and her stories are enthralling. Definitely give her a shot!
    -- Kamizombie

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