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Special gifts:
Thank you so much Zelphyr for the purple enchanted silk cloak I have on display!
*strange mutated dragon-like growling*
I will horde it away forever!¡!
*giddy giggling*

Thanks to my good friend Demilicious for the yellow rose, a lovely gift that made my 23rd birthday juuuust a little better~

And many thanks to Yersinia for this lovely bindrune!
Yersinia's explanation of the symbols used to make this bindrune~
Because you mentioned making some huge decisions, I decided to make Raidho the 'stem' of your bindrune, since it indicates change and personal journey. As the strongest protective rune, Algiz is a natural companion. It's used for warding off negative influences, whatever form they may take.

Thurisaz formed right down the middle as a result of combining Raidho and Algiz. It's a welcome addition. Considered to be Thor's rune, Thurisaz protects you from sudden, unexpected change. Since it has warrior-like connotations, it also promotes self-empowerment and vitality.

Hey all! I am Orrik (but y'all can call me Ozzie) and I've been Rping for over nine years now.

I'm an avid reader and love to make art on occasion...I also enjoy music and am a total Otaku and Gamer...

As far as role-play goes I prefer the fantasy genre with more modern roots and romance is always welcome. Free form is kinda my thing, I suck at math so dice mechanics confuse and irritate me which limits my creativity. I usually give multi-paragraph replies (bare minimum of 2-3 paragraphs and up to 6-8 if i'm really interested...I've even given more than that but yeah...) I try to reply at least once a week but if I can't I always say so.


My favorite color is blue and purple is my second favorite, I love pasta and seafood, my favorite animals are goats with frogs as a close second and my favorite season is Fall because I love the temperature and all the colors.

I'm a huge fan of creepy things and Horror is always great (For those who know of Creepypasta's i'm a huge fan of them) I also like mythology from around the top favorites being Greek and Norse.

My favorite music is mostly Rock, Metal, Screamo, and things around this set of genre's (Hard rock, Heavy metal, and such...)

Favorite aesthetic images~ (possible 18+ content warning?) be added soon

interesting quotes

"Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night."

--Hal Borland

Dragon's name: Orrik.

...that's it for now but I'm always adding to my profile.

Rave Reviews

Ok, where to, I've only been RPing with Orrik for a little while, but I already love them to the moon and back. Their characters are so well done, and they interact in a way that's real, and not all "True Love" and "Clichés." I adore the fact that they respond with multiple paragraphs, and hope to RP much more with them in the future! - FandomsForDays
There's so much to say about him that I don't think there's enough room here on this description! So I'll do my be to condense it. He is wildly creative with his OCs, extremely easy to coordinate OOCly with, and I love that brain of his! Each character is fun to play with, his posts are well written, and OOCly he's so sweet! Even if he has RL problems, he still tries his hardest in everything he does. He really is an amazing person to get to know and RP with. Hit him up for RP! - UrbanLady

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