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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 29

I really love rp and I always will. There isn't a whole lot else to say about me really and I just don't like talking about myself. None of my characters have any relationships and they are all straight, so I didn't bother to add that. When that changes, I'll add that.

I'm willing to make up characters on the spot if a plot or character interests me enough. I can be shy, but I'm still friendly so if any of my characters interest you, feel free to message me about a possible roleplay.

One tip about the way I use violence warnings, if you see one on one of my characters, it denotes a character that is particularly likely to engage in violence over the PG-13 line. So if that kind of violence bothers you, I would highly recommend not engaging in a roleplay with that character.

Characters that would love to roleplay: Eclipseon, Spectreeon, Ukichi

Characters that might consider a roleplay: Glaceia, Kariah, Kelmera, Rashinnu, Sorea, Valeana

Characters unlikely to engage in a roleplay: Ravona

Characters that are not up for roleplay at this time:Titania

Rave Reviews

  • Katia is an excellent RP partner who knows how to write and develop a well-constructed narrative. Creating a world with compelling characters who possess a variety of nuance and lore that can easily mesh and be built off and be developed between two people. She takes...
    -- Werren
  • A time-honored friend, and stalwart companion through my journeys on RPR, Katia's been an ear and a voice with me for most of my active time on the Repository, and though I may be one of the least active online people on this site I will always and forever be...
    -- GrandFinale

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