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Kudos for Katia

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Katia is a great writer and as nice as they come. We've had some threads die out but she has always been understanding of my occasional disappearances. Even willing to start a new thread with me after an exceptionally long one. People like her is what makes up a great community here on Rpr Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TroyLocke

  • Katia is a fantastic partner for planning an RP with. And a great writer on top of that! Her posts are well written and a great length; and she reliably lets you know when there will be delays. A great roleplay partner! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Riik

  • We can all get a bit frustrated over various things that are sometimes even a bit silly, and in an instance where I was getting riled up, Katia stepped up to de-escalate and defuse the situation with patience, understanding, and kind words. Kind and understanding Helpful - Zelphyr

  • Katia is a kind and honest person. If you are looking for a story they are very thorough when it comes to plotting stories and having good character synchronization. If you are looking for someone to plot an incredible story with Katia is very thorough in designing concepts and executing them! Kind and understanding Helpful - -Danny-

  • Not sure if i’ve given Katia one of these already but, she deserves one either way. This gal is one of the most friendly people on this site. Her stories and characters are breathtaking, it’s clear to see the passion and soul poured into her writing, which makes RPing with her an absolute delight! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Weffle

  • Given she is such a wonderful friend and writer who has inspired a variety of original worlds, characters and story ideas I really wish I wasn't limited to choosing two qualities. She deserves much more than that. It is an absolute delight going into an RP with Katia, and her posts are some of the best parts of my day Wonderful writer Long-term partner - VelmiaWarin

  • Katia is always ready to discuss story topics. She is dedicated to her stories, brave enough to request posts, and we have been writing for over a year. Her characters' problem solving ideas are often surprising and a treat. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Miss

  • While I do not have any stories or interactions going with Katia I get to watch her Pokemon story unfold. I love her character and the drawings she has done. Katia has put a lot of work into her characters and post. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her stories and characters. I am always hoping to interact with her characters in the future. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Krispythekritter

  • Ravona (played by Katia)
    I have never played with Ravona, but I have to say after seeing her she's a really cool character. I like her a lot and she's so pretty! I love her concept and the amount of detail that went into her!!! <3 - Kruhee

  • Katia is an excellent RP partner who knows how to write and develop a well-constructed narrative. Creating a world with compelling characters who possess a variety of nuance and lore that can easily mesh and be built off and be developed between two people. She takes her time with posts and they're always top quality creations that are a pleasure to read. Katia is also friendly and an open communicator who has lots of fun with characters, both hers' and her RP partners' among other topics. - Werren

  • A time-honored friend, and stalwart companion through my journeys on RPR, Katia's been an ear and a voice with me for most of my active time on the Repository, and though I may be one of the least active online people on this site I will always and forever be grateful for this. Her characters are varied and many, lending one a pick for most situations and also meaning you have no excuse to not strike up something with her sometime. - GrandFinale

  • I adore Katia's ideas and dedication to the roleplaying craft. Her characters are always so full of dimension and thought that it's hard not to like them! As a person she's always caring, thoughtful and kind, and I enjoy talking to her when we get the chance. :) - Sanne

  • I've known Katia for a while and she's helped me to form up many ideas and is probably one of my closest friends on here. We've interacted a lot, even in the process of trying to form a big plot on this very site; although that lost steam, Katia has a lot to do in having helped to give me inspiration, as well as being a great roleplayer. She's entertained me in the roleplay arena and she'll do the same for you. - GrandFinale

  • Katia is a wonderful writer. So far I've only had the pleasure of RPing with her Ravona character but it's been nothing short of a joy to do so. Her posts are always well-constructed and thoughtful, she's a considerate partner, and the detail she puts into her RP's is phenomenal. She's also very patient with me since I'm sometimes a slow poster which I greatly appreciate as I'd hate to lose out on playing with her. A game with Katia here will not disappoint. - DragonShard

  • Great roleplayer! Always keeps me entertained :) - Kierandrouge