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Hi! My name is Lyss and I want to eat your braaaaaainz!

Zombunny gallery!
I don't have enough room to display all pieces on my RPR at once and whilst I will try to rotate them often, just know I am grateful and love all my lovely art of her <3


I'm an avid RPer and am here to make wonderful stories and hopefully a few friends along the way!
I'm English, and lived in the UK until I was 23, when I moved to Sweden with my fiance where I now reside! This can make my hours a little funny, but usually if I am around, I am at my computer and happy to chatter and write!

I've an INFP type personality. I'm incredibly shy and as such, I may seem incredibly quiet at first. I promise though I am friendly.
My art is my job! I work digitally for the most part, though do some traditional work more as a hobby. You can check out my work right here. I'm usually open for commissions.
Furcadia is where I RP for the most part, though I am open to RP over PMs, Discord and occasionally Skype, though I don't hand that one out to everything. If you catch me in game I am always up to talk, so feel free to say hi :)
The characters I have listed are my main ones, but I've quite a variety of others that I don't have on display. I will never deny what characters are mine however, so if you want to know just ask.

Things I like:

Animals. I am a huge animal lover. I have a 7 year old Labrador called Hunter, a tortoiseshell kitty called Misha who is 3, and a little long haired half angora torbie cat called Indie who is 1 and will shamelessly show off a million pictures of them.
Zombies. And pretty much anything gory and macabre. Especially when mixed with something otherwise cute.
Coca Cola. Drink of choice. Zombun fuel that gets me through most of my art sessions.
Art. Drawing it, receiving it, trading it, commissioning it. Its a creative outlet I simply adore!


♥ Zombabes ♥

♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ♥

Some people come into your life and make the world feel better simply by being there.
You stick with me through thick and thin and I don't know what I would do without you.
You guys are my zombie nation.

Rave Reviews

I was recently blessed to have this woman in my life. She has a fantastic mind that seems to just compliment me. Always up for plotting, for running ideas off of and getting the chance to bring hell to various characters we play with. My tragic love life IC wouldn't be complete without the loving friend I have ooc. - TheCoffeeWolf
Although I do not know her as well as others, i've found Lyss a patient and caring individual, and one of the most talented artists in the Furc community by far, whether it's to admire her creative mind or even a random hello i'd strongly reccommend Lyss to anyone out there. From the unique creations you see on this page, to how much effort and time she puts in to bringing other people's characters to life, she really is one of the most treasured and positive influences of our community. ♡ - BobbinK

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