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Hi! My name is Lyss and I want to eat your braaaaaainz!

Zombunny gallery!
I don't have enough room to display all pieces on my RPR at once and whilst I will try to rotate them often, just know I am grateful and love all my lovely art of her <3


I'm an avid RPer and am here to make wonderful stories and hopefully a few friends along the way!
I'm English, and lived in the UK until I was 23, when I moved to Sweden with my fiance where I now reside! This can make my hours a little funny, but usually if I am around, I am at my computer and happy to chatter and write!

I've an INFP type personality. I'm incredibly shy and as such, I may seem incredibly quiet at first. I promise though I am friendly.
My art is my job! I work digitally for the most part, though do some traditional work more as a hobby. You can check out my work right here. I'm usually open for commissions.
Furcadia is where I RP for the most part, though I am open to RP over PMs, Discord and occasionally Skype, though I don't hand that one out to everything. If you catch me in game I am always up to talk, so feel free to say hi :)
The characters I have listed are my main ones, but I've quite a variety of others that I don't have on display. I will never deny what characters are mine however, so if you want to know just ask.

Things I like:

Animals. I am a huge animal lover. I have a 7 year old Labrador called Hunter, a tortoiseshell kitty called Misha who is 3, and a little long haired half angora torbie cat called Indie who is 1 and will shamelessly show off a million pictures of them.
Zombies. And pretty much anything gory and macabre. Especially when mixed with something otherwise cute.
Coca Cola. Drink of choice. Zombun fuel that gets me through most of my art sessions.
Art. Drawing it, receiving it, trading it, commissioning it. Its a creative outlet I simply adore!


♥ Zombabes ♥


Some people come into your life and make the world feel better simply by being there.
You stick with me through thick and thin and I don't know what I would do without you.
You guys are my zombie nation.

Rave Reviews

This lady is one of my most favorite people. She's kind, fun to talk to and most excellent to plot with! Her ideas are always refreshing and absolutely entertaining and her brain babies are amazing! I've enjoyed every single rp and can't wait for the mountains of plots we've already planned! - Jynx
What to say about Epicsnail. She's a sweetheart. Every day I talk to her she's been very kind. Roleplaying with her provides a really cool experience as well. Her characters are detailed, thought out and each post has a quality I admire. I hope we're friends for a long time. - Mads

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    Lyss is a font of muse, a river of ideas. Her characters are all intriguing and offer new perspectives to explore. her art is incredible, easily some of the best I have seen in a long time, and when you combine the two, what you end up with is an army of remarkable characters you can't help but want to RP with every one of. She's friendly and kind, no-nonsense, loyal and trustworthy, a must-have on every friend and RP list. Great sense of humor Creative ideas
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