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Discord: Meedle#9874

PSA: Hey, guys! Please visit my friend's Patreon for crafts and cosplay stuff! She also has an awesome YouTube channel about video games!

Mary Sue test - Remember, you don't have to take the results seriously! It's just fun to fill out! Here's another one!

Generators galore!
Photo height-weight chart


Postey's buffer butler - Useful for writing posts on Furcadia.

This needs an update! Hi, I'm Monica, though I usually go by Meedle on the internets! I've been rping since about 2003.
I live in Kansas right now and dislike it. I want to end up in Orlando or NYC eventually. WHOOP, WHOOP. I'M IN FLORIDA, BABY.

I'm currently in college, studying supply chain management! Before that, I was a dual majored in graphic design and illustration. I still do art occasionally, though I rarely finish anything.
I graduated in May 2017. While the work force is kind of a drag, it's nice not having homework for a change.

Rave Reviews

Meedle's character is remarkable in how unremarkable she can be sometimes. A beautifully written, realistic well rounded character, literally and figurativly. The player's writing style is clear and amazing to read, and the stories she comes up with always interesting and engaging. On top of that, Meedle is also a very nice person just to talk with. The whole package, in short. - Ypres
Monica is a peach and one of the sweetest people I know. Her humor is always refreshing and even when I've had a bad day..she's always found a way to make me smile. Her characters all make me giggle at times because she plays them so true to how they are created. There is nothing like a Stelle or Stella anywhere else! Unique, uncompromising and skilled, there are lots of reasons to love Meedleboot! - Mina

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