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Discord: Meedle#9874

PSA: Hey, guys! Please visit my friend's Patreon for crafts and cosplay stuff! She also has an awesome YouTube channel about video games!

Mary Sue test - Remember, you don't have to take the results seriously! It's just fun to fill out! Here's another one!

Generators galore!
Photo height-weight chart


Postey's buffer butler - Useful for writing posts on Furcadia.

This needs an update! Hi, I'm Monica, though I usually go by Meedle on the internets! I've been rping since about 2003.
I live in Kansas right now and dislike it. I want to end up in Orlando or NYC eventually. WHOOP, WHOOP. I'M IN FLORIDA, BABY.

I'm currently in college, studying supply chain management! Before that, I was a dual majored in graphic design and illustration. I still do art occasionally, though I rarely finish anything.
I graduated in May 2017. While the work force is kind of a drag, it's nice not having homework for a change.

Rave Reviews

Monica is a peach and one of the sweetest people I know. Her humor is always refreshing and even when I've had a bad day..she's always found a way to make me smile. Her characters all make me giggle at times because she plays them so true to how they are created. There is nothing like a Stelle or Stella anywhere else! Unique, uncompromising and skilled, there are lots of reasons to love Meedleboot! - Mina
Interstella (played by Meedleboot)
TROUBLE! This woman is nothing but trouble! Of course, it's more out of naivety and ignorance than malicious intent. Which I guess saves her from my wrath. Stella is a curiosity as much as she IS curious. Which will no doubt lead to a lot of mayhem down the road. But! It will be fun! I'm sure! - Damned

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