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Kudos for Meedleboot

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • A more realistic character you'll never find. Down to Earth (ironic!), well-rounded with flaws balanced elegantly, and bits of humor dot Meedle's rp. You'd do well to give her a poke! I <3 Stella! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Bananasaurus

  • Wynstelle (played by Meedleboot)
    I haven't been in NV in a long time, but Wynstelle was easily one of my favorite characters to see around. Striking, unique, warm, funny, and heavily original, I always enjoyed the fun I got to have with her - JayBird

    Silly name aside, Meedle has created one of the most dynamic, engaging, and entertaining characters I've ever seen on Furcadia. Playing with her almost always left me laughing and eager to see her again. - JayBird

  • Monica is a peach and one of the sweetest people I know. Her humor is always refreshing and even when I've had a bad day..she's always found a way to make me smile. Her characters all make me giggle at times because she plays them so true to how they are created. There is nothing like a Stelle or Stella anywhere else! Unique, uncompromising and skilled, there are lots of reasons to love Meedleboot! - Mina

  • Stellvira (played by Meedleboot)
    As a character, Stellvira has a quiet, yet distinctive presence. She is often on the edge of a crowd, lending the atmosphere of the scenes she's in a subtle depth which I have always found myself enjoying. I've not yet had a chance to RP with her one-on-one, but I very much hope to do so, some day. Creative ideas - Hooke

  • This lovely lady has the patience of a saint it seems as one of the people that has waited for months for the day in which I would RP regularly once more. Whenever I hop online she is always there to say hello, she is such a warm presence wherever I cross paths with her. Even so, I do not think we talk nearly enough and yes woman, I know, I owe you RP and one day soon, we shall come together and RP to your heart's content.~ - Silverspeare

  • Where do I start-- Meedle is a helpful, friendly, and absolutely sweet person. I've crossed paths before with her in NV, and then was lucky enough find her again in SA. Her characters are fun, original, and very creative. I look forward to interacting more with you in the future <3. - Madam

  • Interstella (played by Meedleboot)
    TROUBLE! This woman is nothing but trouble! Of course, it's more out of naivety and ignorance than malicious intent. Which I guess saves her from my wrath. Stella is a curiosity as much as she IS curious. Which will no doubt lead to a lot of mayhem down the road. But! It will be fun! I'm sure! - Damned

  • Interstella (played by Meedleboot)
    STELLA! The cutest chubby alien lady with just the absolute <i>worst</i> luck. Definitely hit her up for role-play, but expect crazy shenanigans and/or adorableness! <3 - Bananasaurus

  • MEEDLE. Talk about one of the sweetest sweets to ever sweet. She's thankfully patient with me, and always up for anything. I just want to hug her constantly, and she's all too enjoyable to chat at! Also, I've never seen someone have so many variations of the same character and pull it off so amazingly. I'm kinda jealous, if I'm honest. - Damned

  • Meedleboot is a super sweetheart and lovely to chitchat with about anything, really! She's also great to bounce ideas off of for character development. Not to mention she has some pretty interesting characters. Not everyday you see a Wererabbit! - Moki

  • I love how remarkably approachable and uncomplicated some of her characters are while they have depth and continuously manage to surprise me. Kudos to you, lady. You are amazing. - Jane

  • Meedle's character is remarkable in how unremarkable she can be sometimes. A beautifully written, realistic well rounded character, literally and figurativly. The player's writing style is clear and amazing to read, and the stories she comes up with always interesting and engaging. On top of that, Meedle is also a very nice person just to talk with. The whole package, in short. - Ypres

  • Wynstelle (played by Meedleboot)
    Winnie is a kick-ass Woman. Gotta love a girl with curves and Winnie knows how to rock her booty. - Green

  • Have known this lady for quite some time now and am just now getting around to leaving my own review. -Clears his throat.- A very enthusiastic individual, always willing to RP and a complete joy to be around. She brings a smile to my face whenever we chat and while I do not RP as much as I should, she's someone you can rely on. Her characters are a riot to interact with and the player, even more easygoing, like a Sunday morning. You're a doll, Meedle.~ - Silverspeare

  • Wynstelle (played by Meedleboot)
    A funny and energetic character. This woman literally is everywhere! And the player is just as kickass as the character!! - SennM