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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28


#ZezaIsLife šŸ†


- Don't friend me without talking to me, it's weird.

- Very approachable and happy to plot!

- While OOC, I type very casually, this is a stark difference to my roleplay, where I write with more structure.

- I live in North Carolina. Eastern Timezone.

- Usually, I will respond a few times a week, sometimes even every day/multiple times a day depending on my muse. But during the weekends, I may not post due to family time. I'm married, with a full-time job and other responsibilities. If I take longer than a week, feel free to jab me.

- I'm happy to roleplay here or elsewhere, it doesn't matter to me. Discord is great.

- I don't play video games, but if you want to work off a game you enjoy, just explain it to me!

- My best/fastest contact is via skype or discord

- Iā€™m a polyamorous, pansexual, kinky cis female. And a switch :)

Playing with Me

- 18+ players only.

- I write in 3rd person past tense. Imperfectly, because I'm only human, but I try.

- Literate, paragraph roleplay only. I'm happy to post anywhere between 1-6. Quality over quantity.

- I mirror the effort and length of posts from my partners, but I will get bored very quickly if it's evident that I'm more invested than you are.

- I prefer darker characters, mine tend to have a lot of depth and are rarely 'bubbly' types. Broody is more my thing, twisted pasts, and inner turmoil even if they come off as bright and happy at first. Warm and fuzzy does not live here. But that's not to say that they're evil, usually quite the opposite, just lots of issues.

- Smut is fun, and I quite enjoy it, but it's boring if it's the only thing that's going on. I like dysfunctional relationships, unhealthy dynamics, unlikely pairings, enemies, etc. If they hate one another at first or are at war or something, even better.
--I do not fade to black.
--The slow burn is a lot of fun. That being said, I don't want to play an eternally platonic pairing.

- I'm extremely open-minded. You have no idea. Try me.

- As far as genre goes, I will play a lot of things. Usually, I enjoy at least some addition of either magic, SciFi, fantasy, etc.
--The time period isn't important to me, but I tend to favor (in time order): ancient Greece type settings, medieval, modern, and future/space.

- Most of the time, I'll play MxM. Though, I am comfortable with and happy to play other genders and pairings depending on the partner and roleplay.

- I curse. Most of my characters will curse.

- Combat/sparing with other played characters just isn't my thing. I can be quite descriptive and passionate, but I do not wish to painstakingly spar blow by blow.

Here's my F-List (NSFW)

Some notes about my characters

- I will almost always have a real face claim, but in no way does this mean you have to. I do like to have some sort of visual for who I'm playing with, though, whether it is a real face, drawing, cartoon, etc.

- Most pages are WIP and generally unfinished. This does not mean that they are under-developed.

- Some may have 'Depends on RP' in the age, because I will play along their timeline. As such, their behavior may be a little different depending on where in their life they are.

- Most of them are flexible (to a point) on time period, as I find these details aren't often all that important to 1x1 rp.

- Often are some kind of switch, but will have their personal preferences. I have no chars that 100% dom/top or sub/bottom.

Characters I'm DYING for more rp with

- Styxx - Clicky
- Dymas

Talisman made by Dorian

Rave Reviews

  • It feels like serendipity that Murder came to me interested in RPing! Our writing styles match remarkably well and it only makes it easier and more likely for me to be excited to post. Not only is she a fantastic writer who puts in serious attention to detail and...
    -- Mercyinreach
  • I am overwhelmed by how phenomenal this woman this. Gods above and below, this bitch is my main ho. M is seriously "mmmm". She writes incredibly well. She can build an in depth character with all the trappings of a tangible human being. She can weave tension, small...
    -- Demilicious

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