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"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death."

Generally I'd have something clever and humorous to put here. Today I don't, and I felt a need to change my profile just a bit.

I love to write. Period. I'm generally up for about anything, occasionally even romantic stories, but those only with people I am comfortable with. And there are very few of those.

My favorite genre is Modern Fantasy. My favorite world is Patricia Briggs' world for Mercy Thompson. (Thank you Jayjay. You have no idea what an addiction you created when you got me the books.)

I do love horror, gore, and dark thrillers as well. Fantasy, sci fi, historical fiction. ALL OF IT!

I try to accomodate the people that play with me to the best of my abilities. I am no great writer. I'm not someone that will spark an giant fire in you and make you thrilled to write with. I am, however, okay. And I hope okay is good enough?

I play both male and female. Honestly I prefer playing male, but I have a few female characters that might amuse you.

I am pm friendly and always ready to write. Be patient though. I do have work and a family to tend to, so my posting can be as fast as minutes or as slow as months. Seriously, that is no joke.

Please, I encourage you to message me! I am amicable and friendly! I don't bite... often. And if I do it's because I like you. :)



Rave Reviews

Riply is by far one of the sweetest, kindest most understanding people I have ever met. They have nothing but a good heart paired with an oh so devious mind. Clever and devilish in all the best ways Ripply is nothing but the cream of the crop in RP and as a person. She goes above and beyond to create a sensory experience in her posting and has a way with words that makes it an absolute joy to be lucky enough to catch a game. - Kruhee
Ripley is a giant. A giant heart, a giant brain, a giant talent, a giant humor, a giant writer, and a giant friend. Caring and giving in ways I wish I could be, she's also brilliant, flexible, and cunning in RP. I've been extremely happy in our RP together, and her characters are as vibrant and real as any human person. - JayBird

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